With Season 13 of South Park just beginning, there's no better time to showcase our predictions of who will be spoofed on the show this year. Matt and Trey just punked the Jonas Brothers in the first episode, but here's our list of the poor souls who might also get the whooping stick this year:

(7) Christian Bale as Batman

I like Christian Bale. His movies are generally pretty good, and his little rant on the set of terminator was sort of amusing too. His acting in Dark Knight cannot be forgiven, however. "Constipated Batman" needs to make an appearance in South Park. You know what i'm talking about. I loved the Dark Knight too but Batman's grunting and growling.....not so much.

(6) Simon Cowell

I see a scene involving an uptight, man-boob sporting englishman, getting dipped, ever so gently, into a steaming pile of poo. Now that's good television :)

(5) Chris Brown/Rihanna

Chris, Chris, Chris..... you're a star, you abuse your significant other, and the news goes public in a very ugly way. Your inclusion in a South Park episode should be as inevitable as the two of you getting back together.

(4) Tyra Banks/Models Turned TV Hosts

Hi ladies. You're beautiful. Probably the most beautiful women on the planet. You're sorta over the hill, but you've got the cougar thing still going on....that is, until you start discussing important issues like: the life of the kardashians, soccer mom's who are weekend strippers, and child brides. Man, I hope Matt and Trey have a field day with this one.

(3) Bollywood

With the meteoric rise of Slumdog Millionaire, I'm expecting a glut of bollywood's "finest" in the near future. This growing trend should be addressed. Tastefully, of course.

(2) Blagojevich

It never ends....crooked politicians using their influence for personal gain. Trey, Matt, can you guys include these A-holes in an episode where they all get ground up into burger meat and fed to the media? Thanks and while you're at it, please do the same for every POS investment banker and politician who made a killing by screwing the rest of America.

(1) OctoMom

She might be old news by now, but this story sounds like it was concocted in SP. Let's see, an episode about cloning cross-bred animals (including four-assed monkeys).....check. An episode about Mr. Garrison altering his sexual orientation via "biological experiments with mice".......double check. An episode about some crazy South Park Mom impregnating herself and artificially producing zombie octuplets......checkmate.

Honarable Mention

Gentlemen, you've gonne after pretty much everyone and anyone, and, let's face it, you're just as famous as the folks you're spoofing. What are you so afraid of? Hope to see you on the show!

Did we forget anyone? Tell us what you think.

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