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  • JohnVMaster


    February 13, 2011 by JohnVMaster

    Hi, I'd like to talk about a growing issue on the Wikia.

    What is with the insane number of random, unverified birthdays popping around here? Craig Tucker on January 25th? Kevin Stoley on February 25th? Where are we getting this stuff?

    The only birthdays confirmed are:

    • Stan Marsh: October 19th (Trey Parker, South Park Calendar, "You Have 0 Friends")
    • Kyle Broflovski: May 26th (Matt Stone, South Park Calendar, "You Have 0 Friends")
    • Kenny McCormick: March 22nd (South Park Calendar)
    • Eric Cartman: July 1st (South Park Calendar)
      • Debatable since in Damien the characters are shown in school during his birthday.
    • Butters Stotch: September 11th ("AWESOM-O")
    • Clyde Donovan: April 10th ("You Have 0 Friends")

    I don't mind speculation, hell, I love and encourage it,…

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  • JohnVMaster


    October 23, 2010 by JohnVMaster

    Okay, look, I totally understand putting little notes about " is often called by the fandom" but why are so many articles keep being moved to such fanon names. I mean, in cases like Boy with Blue Cap we need a fanon name for identification, but we can still call 'Ruby Tucker' Tucker Sibling and 'Cindy Tweak' can be Mrs. Tweek.

    As for the McCormicks, well Carol's name has sort of been referred to on show and Karen was allegedly used in an interview.

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