South Park's 200th episode premieres April 14 and we are inviting fans to congratulate Matt and Trey and the entire South Park crew.

This is your chance to personally congratulate Trey, Matt and the entire South Park crew, by submitting something that pays tribute to the show. Tell us about the first time you saw South Park, talk about your favorite episode or just show off you creative skills. It can be animated, live action, a mash-up, your drawings or photos or whatever else you want to do to commemorate the 200th episode. Just follow the guidelines below and upload your video or image before April 14th!

South Park got its start as a viral video 14 years ago when the “Spirit of Christmas” became an instant classic shared via VHS and snail mail. What better way to celebrate the historic 200th episode of South Park than to let fans create and share their own viral videos with South Park and other fans around the world.

All approved submissions will be posted at, beginning later this March. Be sure to keep checking back to see what new video and photos fans have added.

  1. Upload Video Content
    1. Acceptable video formats are Quicktime, WMV, Flash or H.264.
    2. Please keep videos under 2 minutes in total length.
    3. Please make sure your video does not include any copy-written material. That means no copy-written music, video or well known characters (unless they are from South Park). Don't steal other people's work!
  1. Upload Images
    1. Acceptable image formats include - .jpg, .tif, .jpg, .bmp, etc.
    2. Please make sure your image does not contain any copy-written material unless its from South Park. It must be something you have either created, photographed, drew, etc. Don't steal other people's work!


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