As a way of expressing personal opinons and recommendations of the South Park Archives chat room towards the Wikia's admins and other officials, I'd like to address some major issues surrounding the chat room firsthand. It was a noticably difficult endeavor to create the chat room, as clearly noted, but unfortunately, there are a variety of flaws concerning its popularity and general functionalism. Not to seem offensive or belittling, but the chat room lacks a steady and easy way of entery, which makes tediousness expand and interest decrease exponentially in the eyes of Wikia contributers who are in search for entertainment and the ability to express their views on the website. As a more detailed flaw, once [we] enter the chat room itself, [we] are greeted with an onslought of complex numerical and written computer text that doesn't apply to the chatters, which draws away from the chat room's intial purpose and organization. As a way to combat against these notable aberrations, I have conjured up a solution that will benefit South Park Archives in multiple ways: setting up a easily installed chat room via the dependable, but little-known website Chatango. Through Chatango, chat rooms can be applied directly onto the website itself, without the aid of links unless required by the site's standards. With this plan, I predict that popularity in regards to the chat room will rise, as will entertainment value. I have personally posted a link to the Chatango website here if anyone's interested, and to also note, you can log into Chatango by creating an account which doesn't require extensive details on personal status. This will allow an option to place an independent Chatango chat box on a website with ease.

Here's the link(s): [1]

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