Stan and Kyle play Guitar Queer-o (a parody of Guitar hero) and think its time to move on to a real guitar. They decide to start a band and practice. Stan hasn't really played a real guitar and doesn't use it right. One day while they were practicing, Stan bumps into Kyle, Falls and Breaks his hand, Then is guitar breaks and one of the string that broke split Stan's hand. Stan ended up in the hospital and Kyle is very mad. The 3 boys (due to Stan being in the hospital) wait at the bus stop as usual. Kyle says he is mad and tells Cartman and Kenny its all because of Stan having a very bad injury on his hand. At school Kyle starts crying and Kenny tries to comfort him. 2 days later on Friday after school Kyle goes to see Stan in the hospital. Stan tells Kyle he might not be able to play Guitar Hero with him for 10 whole weeks! Kyle by this is upset and due to his boredom plays guitar hero. The next day Stan calls Kyle and says he will get out of the hospital tomorrow and reminds him there is no school next week. Kenny asks Kyle to do a song on his Guitar for him and Kyle plays Blank Spot (a parody of Blank Space). Kyle feels sad not playing with Stan, But Stan said he MIGHT still have the injuy on his hand for 2 weeks so kyle goes to bed early. The next day Stan comes to see Kyle and Stan has to wear his cast and stitches for 10 weeks (or 3 months and 70 days). Kyle really wants to play Guitar hero with stan and says that Guitar Hero is "Shit" without Stan. The next day Kyle goes to stan's house and tells him that he misses playing Guitar hero with him. Stan tells Kyle the same thing and Kyle gives Stan a hug. Unforntenatly Kyle doesn't know how strong he is and breaks Stan's hand more and rips his stitches causing him to pass out. Kyle picks up stan, puts him on his back, and runs to the hospital. Now stan has to wear his cast and stitches for 20 weeks, 6 months, and 140 days. Kyle apoligizes for hugging Stan too hard and Stan forgives him. The episode ends with Kyle saying "Guitar Hero is still shit without you".

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