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  • I live in None of your business
  • I was born on July 7
  • My occupation is Student, South Park Archives Administrator
  • I am almost human
  • Bio Hello. I'm James and I'm from the UK. My interests are Wikia. cartoons, eating and sleep.

    I first started on Wikia in 2013, but went on a break and came back in December 2015. In September 2016, I became an administrator on South Park Archives.

    I am on wikia almost every day. I spend a lot of time on Community Central Chat or discord, where I have made many friends.

    I have a YouTube account, which you can find by looking under My Website in my masthead. I mainly do South Park videos. I also have a Twitter account, which you can find in My Twitter.

    I study Game Design at college, which is ok, but the game design teacher weirdly doesn't like computer games.
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  • Jamesb1

    South Park in 2016

    December 29, 2016 by Jamesb1

    Hello South Park fans! I hope you had a good Christmas. The end of the year is coming and I thought I'd look at all the things that have happened this year to do with the series and also on the wiki.

    This year's season of South Park was certainly an interesting one. Gerald Broflovski, a character who is usually known for being one of the more sensible adults, caused a women to commit suicide when he started internet trolling because "it's funny". Eric Cartman, famous for feeding his father to his half brother, now has a girlfriend after turning nice. Due to the horror that was the 2016 Presidential Election, Herbert Garrison is now president. We saw some new characters, including the memberberries , racist berries that reminisce about Star …

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  • Jamesb1

    On This Day

    October 9, 2016 by Jamesb1

    I have created a new template for use on the main page entitled On This Day . This will show what happened on this day in the history of South Park. I have included the release date of every episode and every video game. I have also included the birthdate (and, if available, deathdate) of the main south Park crew. Please comment your reviews on the template below.

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  • Jamesb1

    Near the end of "The Damned", Gerald receives an email from a mysterious figure who has discovered Skankhunt42's true identity. Who do you think Gerald will meet in the next episode?

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  • Jamesb1

    6 days

    June 8, 2016 by Jamesb1

    When did the creaters first start making South Park within 6 days?

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  • Jamesb1

    New Movie?

    February 12, 2016 by Jamesb1

    It's been almost 17 years since the last South Park Movie. Don't you think it's time they do another? And maybe focus more on Butters this time?

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