Congratulations to everyone who voted for the winner ERIC CARTMAN!!!

To see my next poll click What is the Best Episode of South Park?

Eric Cartman/ the Coon

Kyle Broflovski Out

Stan Marsh Out

Kenny McCormick/ Mysterion

Butters Stotch/ Professor Chaos

Randy Marsh Out

Clyde Donovan Out

Craig Tucker Out

Tweek Tweak Out

Token Black Out

Jimmy Valmer Out

Timmy Out

Mr/Mrs Garrison Out


Wendy Testaburger Out

Bradley Biggle/Mint-Berry Crunch Out

Mr. Mackey Out

Terrance and Philip

Bebe Stevens Out

Jimbo Kern Out

Ned Gerblansky Out

Towelie (on request)

Ike Brovlovski (on request)

It's time for the finals!!! To see the final results so far click here Best South Park characters.

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