So far this series I have seen many funny episodes and this is the order of funniness in my opinion.

The Last of the Meheecans: 98% - The most unrealistic episode and the biggest highlight of this season with plenty of one liners and a plot that is just crazy enough to be funny, without going seriously over the top like Bass to Mouth.

Broadway Bro Down: 96% - No sane person can say that they didn't find this episode funny. The boys-lite episode of the second half of the series is one of the best this series. This episode isn't top only because I disliked the Shelley parts, but the Randy plot makes up for it. I loved the whole idea of Broadway making women want to give men blowjobs and I especially loved the Spiderman bit at the end.

The Poor Kid: 94% - An episode that keeps you laughing the whole way through, with great storylines (especially Cartman's role). Kenny's role in this series was well worth waiting until the finale and was very entertaining. I thought that this was a great finale to a great season.

T.M.I.: 91% - I thought it got a little bit dull towards the end but there were plenty of laugh out loud moments like when Cartman makes the therapist's wife kill herself or when Randy teaches the children about penis sizes.

City Sushi: 88% - The boys-lite episode of the first half of this season but (like BBD) made up for it with its seemingly infinite amount of gags and although the Tuong Lu Kim story didn't interest me at first, the gangwar between the restaurants became ridiculously funny. And it even goes past that with the Butters story which is equally insane and just as funny. Like I said above, the only reason I didn't like this episode was because of the boring few opening scenes.

A History Channel Thanksgiving: 86% - A great episode, one of the best this season. I personally liked it because I have watched Thor recently and I also enjoyed Kyle's role, possibly his best one this season. The Natalie Portman parody was good too, especially when they made the portal come out of her... Well you know. Basically it was one of the better episodes this series, after a few disappointing ones (not mentioning anything Funnybot!)

Ass Burgers: 85% - Definitely the most awful episode yet if you're taking into account that it parodies something that is very serious but I think that Matt and Trey were aware that they were going too far and they quickly steered off of the topic, instead focusing on a Matrix parody (which was funny) and literal 'Ass Burgers' coming out of Cartman's butt! It was a good conclusion to the growing older episode but I did dislike this episode a slight bit because of a lack of one liners and gags.

Crack Baby Athletic Association: 82% - Almost as wrong as Ass Burgers but with a much more 'evil' plot. I found that the episode was being set up to be very funny but that Matt and Trey wasted a lot of potential in this episode.

Bass to Mouth: 77% - An episode, like the one above, an 'evil' plot on Cartman's half, but in my opinion it was never going to be a good episode anyway. Although I, like many of you, have been waiting ages for a Lemmiwinks sequel I think that this was too ridiculous, with it being okay if Lemmiwinks seeing the ghosts as they could be part of his imagination but the ghosts revealing themselves to the boys is going too far.

1%: 76% - A funny episode that would have scored higher only that we didn't get a proper explanation at the end. Did Cartman kill his dolls ad just forget that he did it (which I don't understand), was it the fifth graders or did Cartman have multiple personality disorder and destroy his dolls without realising. The only highlight was the idiocity of the media that was shown in the media during Butters and Jimmy's part and my biggest laugh out loud moment was when the media claimed that Butters was occupying the bathroom.

HUMANCENTiPAD: 74% - A funny episode but I just didn't enjoy it as much as I did with other episodes although I really enjoyed Cartman's sections, the Kyle sections just didn't entertain me at all.

You're Getting Old: 69% - It was funny for a while but towards the end it started getting depressing towards the end and Randy's subplot was quite boring.

Royal Pudding: 60% - One boys-lite episode is good, two is okay but three just doesn't do it. Even though this one comes before the other two, it is easily the least interesting having very few jokes and making almost no sense (what's the deal with Tooth Decay). In fact, the only thing I enjoyed about this episode was Mr Mackey's temper, which of course leads to the annoying Tooth Decay plot.

Funnybot: 58% - It just wasn't funny and there were no laugh out loud moments whatsoever.

I know that you all probably disagree in some way or another so feel free to reply with your complaints.

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