I have another South Park Video Game Idea.


The gameplay of this idea is a fighting game. It involves playing as a number of characters and fighting through different areas of the South Park Universe. Their are four difficulties, a campaign, bonus levels, a boss battle mode and a multiplayer fighting mode. The campaign plot revolves around a fighting contest being held in South Park and the boys fight in it, but they begin to grow suspicious of the contest.


It starts with Stan, at his house watching T.V when Shelley arrives and takes the remote off of him. Stan fights her and wins. He then gets bored of T.V and goes out. He meets the other boys (Kyle, Cartman and Kenny), and they see Gary. Stan is then forced to fight Gary and he emerges victorious. They then go to school. Cartman then starts insulting Jews and eventually drives Kyle to fight him and win. The boys then hear that there is a fighting tournament going on across South Park, meaning that you challenge random people to fights for Fighting Points. The person with the most Fighting Points at the end of the week wins a special prize.

All the boys start thinking about who to fight and Cartman challenges Butters and wins, earning him 1 FP. Wendy then arrives and challenges Stan, but Stan doesn't want to hit his girlfriend and he runs off. Kenny then takes Stan's place and wins the fight. Cartman then starts going for the easy fights and decides to challenge Jimmy for an easy point. Cartman then goes searching for Jimmy. Kyle is then challenged by Kenny and he wins the fight. Meanwhile Stan realizes that he is probably the only kid in South Park without a FP. He then goes outside and looks for Wendy, but gets challenged by Bebe, who claims that Stan has to fight three other girls before he can fight Wendy. Stan wins, and gets a point. Cartman then finds Jimmy and challenges him and discovers that Jimmy knows Karate. Cartman still wins, but just about. Kenny is then challenged by Tammy and wins.

Kenny then challenges Craig, who declines the offer. Kenny then fights Clyde instead. Stan then confronts Red and fights her. He earns another FP. Kyle then realizes that he is falling behind the others and he challenges Craig, who says no again. Kyle then challenges Tweak and wins. Stan then fights the last girl, Anne buts starts to get suspicious about why someone would want them to fight. Kyle then fights Token and wins. Meanwhile Cartman is confronted by Scott Tenorman, who challenges him. Cartman wins and gets yet another FP.

Stan starts to think of reasons why someone would make everyone fight and comes up with almost nothing. It is then announced that anyone with 3 or more points is through to the next round of the contest. Cartman then challenges Craig, but naturally Craig refuses. Cartman then fights Clyde, who also got through to the second round. Kyle challenges Stan and wins, but then tries to help Stan figure out what is going on. Kenny then challenges Bebe and wins. Stan starts searching for a reason why they are fighting. He is then challenged by Token and wins. Stan and Kyle then go to the mayor's office to find out why the contest is being held. But on the way, Stan is confronted by Wendy. He wins and they proceed towards the mayor's office.

When Stan and Kyle arrive at the mayors office, they discover that the mayor never heard of the contest. Stan and Kyle are then kidnapped by Visitors. Cartman then challenges Butters to another fight. Cartman wins.

I will update this whenever I can.

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