I have thought of another episodes idea. It is called 'Welcome, Alcoholics!

Summary: When Cartman and Butters are mistaken for alcoholics, they're taken to rehab.

Plot: It starts with Cartman being forced to hang out with Butters by his mom. They see a couple of drunk college kids smashing the windows of an old house when the police arrive and arrest the college kids for vandalising the house. They also spot Butters and Cartman, who they then arrest for being drunk underage even though they weren't. At the police station Cartman and Butters moms arrive and are convinced that Butters and Cartman are underage alcoholics. They agree to have Butters and Cartman sent to rehab until they are 'cured'. Once they arrive at the underage rehab camp, Cartman starts beating up Butters thinking that it will make him popular among the alcoholics. Unfortunately the inmates feel sorry for Butters and he instantly becomes popular, while Cartman gets beaten up. At Cartman and Butters first therapy lesson Cartman claims that he isn't alcoholic, causing everyone to start beating him up again. Then it is Butters turn and he, afraid of getting beaten up, lies and says that he has been alcoholic since he was three years old. This makes everyone happy at his honesty and he becomes even more popular, making Cartman furious. Later on that day, Stan, Kyle and Kenny come to visit Butters (but not Cartman). Even though they don't want to talk to him, Cartman still convinces them of the mix-up and Stan, Kyle and Kenny decide to sort out the mix-up, but for Butters not for Cartman. During the night, Cartman again gets beaten up by the alcoholics, for getting in an argument with Butters. The next day Stan, Kyle ad Kenny convince their moms that Cartman and Butters aren't alcoholics and Cartman and Butters moms go to pick them up. Meanwhile the rest of the alcoholics are told by Cartman that Butters is lying, causing them to beat up Cartman again. When the parents arrive, the alcoholic realize that Butters was lying and they are about to beat them up when Butters parents arrive and take him out of the rehab centre. The alcoholics angry, decide to beat up Cartman before his mom arrives claiming 'why didn't you tell us that he was lying' even though he did. When Cartman's mom arrives, she is presented with Cartman. Only he has a black eye, a broken arm, a broken leg and he is covered in cuts. As the episode ends he moans in pain.

Hop you liked it. Please comment if you have any other ideas. Thanks!

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