Ok, some of you will probably call this a rip-off, but after seeing Nightquest's, I thought I had to do my own! And here they are:

S1: Death - To be honest, I didn't laugh once during the main plot. I thought the only good thing was the explosive diarhea subplot, but that was sot of pushed out of the focus for the introduction of Marvin Marsh. - 6/10

S2: Summer Sucks - Yes I know, what about Terrance and Philip! But I'm gonna try and stay away from the most popular opinions to make this list more entertaining. Anyway, no laugh out loud moments and the giant snake was slightly too far-fetched, yes yes, even for South Park. - 5/10

S3: Jakovasaurs - These guys were EXTREMELY annoying and Cartman being the only one able to understand them? Why? It was a poor episode and those guys drove me insane! But I suppose the original concept wasn't too bad...... - 6/10

S4: Pip - I know I said I'd stay away from the most hated episodes, but this one deserves a mention on the list of worst episodes purely because...... Urgh I just really disliked it. Stick to what you're good at M&T, kids learning about taboo and sexual stuff with hilarious results! - 2/10.

S5: Terrance and Phillip: Behind the Blow - Kinda funny, especially when the peace activists start chopping all of Kenny's limbs off! But from an amazing season, it is the only one completely focused on trying to bring back a disliked character(s), Terrance and Philip. A shame really. - 6/10

S6: Red Hot Catholic Love - BORING! The priests being ruled by a giant spider? Bullcrap. Everyone turning to Atheism for a crappy reason. Bullcrap. A disgraceful episode. - 4/10

S7: Krazy Kripples - Again, the boys are what everyone loves, so why diminish their roles to increase the popularity of other (already extremely popular) characters, which don't need an episode to themselves and it was quite poor. But there were some funny moments. - 5/10

S7 (again): Red Man's Greed - I know, I already chose Krazy Kripples, but this episode was equally bad. It may have focused on the boys (sort of) but was almost completely lacking of funny moments! - 5/10.

S8: Goobacks - I find this episode sad. Not because of the episode itself, but because the plot was so far-fetched and it was so pointless (other than 'Dey took ur Jerbs!') with very few funny moments, with racism being a high theme, and having a poor solution, that it left a stain on one of my favourite seasons! - 7/10

S9: Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina - I thought Season 9 was another great season and this one was one of the hardest, but I suppose it was focused on completely changing a funny character, with the dolphin Gerald and Black Kyle being funny, I suppose. One of the best of the worst, you could say. - 7/10

S10: A Million Little Fibers - A Towelie episode that WAS NOT needed! As you can see, I have a thing against episodes focusing on one minor character. If they're very funny, fine, but if they're not, then I really am not fine with it! A poor episode and Oprah's vagina was just...... creepy. - 1/10.

S11: D-Yikes - A poor and lightly creepy episode. Season 11 may not have been the best season, but it deserved better than this. Is Garrison straight once he goes back to normal now? Huh? Such a weird episode...... - 5/10

S12: Eek, A Penis! - Now, I have nothing against Mr Garrison, but his episodes seem to be getting less and less funny (and more creepy) Now he's straight? So he's back to how he was originally and straight now? His character has been ruined. - 4/10.

S13: Dances With Smurfs - Another boring episode. This one tries to be another 'Cartman is So Evil' episode, but fails miserably. A boring and not very funny episode. - 4/10.

S14: Poor and Stupid - At first, I thought 'Hurray, Kenny's famous again', but in reality, it was another (completely stupid) Cartman plot, with Butters dragged in for no reason. It did have its funny moments, but Cartman's scheming was just pointless and stupid. Yawn. Bring on the next one. - 5/10.

S15: Royal Pudding - A boring episode. Luckily, M&T have realised (sort of) that minor character episodes are never too popular, but all they did here was throw in a Kyle and Mr Mackey subplot, while the Royal Wedding spoof wasn't really funny at all. Mr Mackey was the highlight of the episode. - 6/10.

Tell me what you think in the comments!

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