Summary: When the boys are kidnapped by Cartman, it's up to Inspector Butters to save the day!

Plot: It starts with the boys (except Cartman) dressed all stylishly and walking down the red carpet into a theatre, with many people cheering them on. Then their latest movie starts, The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs the Movie. After the movie, every seat is covered in puke, but the audience still loved it. As the boys are cheered on, Cartman is shown watching the premiere on T.V. He shouts at all the old actors that they will have their revenge. The boys are walking down a road in Hollywood when Cartman jumps out in front of them. Three old actors come out behind him. The boys ask who they are. When the actors name themselves the boys reply 'who'? The actors then get angry that nobody remembers them and they kidnap all the boys except Butters, who was in the pet store at the time. The boys are taken to the Cartman's base. They are put on T.V and Cartman threatens to kill them unless he is given 10 million dollars. Butters sees the broadcast and transforms into Inspector Butters. Butters goes to where he last saw the boys and he discovers footprints. He starts following the footprints and he arrives at Cartman's base. Butters runs to the police and tells them where Cartman is. They run to Cartman's base and when the old actors attack the police, the police confess that they don't know who the actors are either. The actors get really upset and they run off crying. When Cartman is about to be arrested, he claims that he was forced to do 'the really meanie person stuff' and he gets set free. The boys all walk up to Cartman afterwords and start beating him up.

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