Hollywood, here we come! (part 1)

After watching X-men First Class, the boys decide to make their own mini-movie. Super-Hero Wars! Kenny is producer, Craig is director and Cartman, Kyle, Cartman, Butters, Clyde and Token are acting in the film. Cartman steals a camera used by real film makers in order to have really good special effects in the movie. Later that day, the boys decide to watch their movie and it is about ten minutes long and has almost no plot and is pretty much just special effects and violence. The boys make a few copies of the movie and start selling them at a stall outside Stan's house. A Hollywood movie agent who is visiting South Park for movie inspiration, buys one and loves the movie. He gets the boys to sign a contract for at least twelve movies and then he takes them to L.A.

In L.A, the boys start writing movie ideas, which are all spoofs of real movies e.g Indian Joe and the Hunt for the Golden Turnip, Jaws vs Mrs. Jaws. The boys get their own T.V show, the Spoof Show. The boys soon get contracted to make a spoof hour long movie and Cartman volunteers to edit the movie. Just before the world wide live premier of the movie, Kyle watches over the movie and discovers that Cartman edited it so that it is an anti-Jew movie. Kyle informs the others and they run to stop Cartman showing the movie. Cartman is about to show the movie when Kyle runs onto the stage and reveals Cartmans plot. Everyone then starts throwing things at Cartman and he is fired from the movie business, but the other boys stay on.

In the final scene, Cartman is shown in a room with numerous other old actors who never appear anymore, and he asks them all to join him in getting revenge on all the actors who replaced them. Cartman then finishes the episode by saying 'I will have my revenge'. 'I swear it'!

To Be Continued...

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