Does anyone have any ideas on plots for episodes that Matt and Trey could air in the second half of season 15? Please comment with your episode ideas.

You're Getting Old (part 2)

Summary: As Stan's cynical asshole disease continues, he searches desperately for a cure. Meanwhile, Randy rebels against Tween Wave.

Plot: As Stan continues to see things as crap, Kyle and Cartman begin to hang out, astonishing the other kids and making Stan get very depressed. Stan then proceeds to return to the doctor and ask for a cure. The doctor reveals that there isn't one, making Stan even more depressed. Stan then decides to travel around America to search for a cure. After going to L.A, Washington D.C (into the Pentagon), New York and and Alaska, Stan accepts that there is no cure. Stan tries to return to normal life but soon encounters Kyle and Cartman, who ignore him but say hello to Scott Malkinson, proving that Stan is actually less popular than Scott now. Stan then decides to kill himself . Cartman and Kyle decide to go to see X-men First Class again and they realize that Stan was right, it did look like crap. They start seeing everything else as crap and discover that it is the same with everyone else in the school. They all go to the doctor, who realizes that it is just another phase of childhood. The boys then search for Stan before he kills himself. They find him about to jump off the top of one of the mountains just outside South Park. Kyle apologizes for what he did and after a long speech made by Kyle, Stan forgives him and decides not to kill himself. Everyone cheers and as they climb down the mountain, Kenny trips and falls, causing Stan and Kyle to say their catchphrase.

Meanwhile Randy is living on his own and realizes that divorcing Sharon was a big mistake and he refuses to blame himself for it, instead blaming Tween Wave. Randy starts causing uproar by assaulting Tween Wave bands as they perform and telling little kids that if they listen to Tween Wave, they will die! Gerald (Kyle's dad) realizes what Randy is doing and tells Randy that it is his fault that he got divorced, not Tween Wave. Randy then realizes this and goes to apologize to Sharon and Sharon accepts the apology.

At the end of the episode, it shows Kyle and Stan as friends again, while Randy and Sharon get married (again).

Welcome, Alcoholics!

I based this idea off another blog that I already made. The link is here (My Second Episode Idea!!!)

The Dentists Office of Doom!

Summary: Stan discovers that he has a great fear of the dentist. Meanwhile, Cartman swaps dental reports with Butters.

Plot: At South Park Elementary, the 4th Grade class are informed by Mr. Garrison that there will be a dental check today and two dentists are visiting the school. Kyle goes first and is told that his teeth are fine, Kenny goes second and is given an appointment for next week. Next up his Stan and as he enters the dentist, he notices numerous dentist tools and panics. After much struggling, he is given his dental check and is given an appointment for that weekend. He gets very nervous and struggles not to wet himself in front of the other kids (especially Cartman). Cartman goes next and sees his report that says that he has rotten teeth and must go on a serious diet and go to a dentist three times a week. Shocked, Cartman switches reports with Butters, who got a perfect report. Later that day, Stan tells Kyle about his newly discovered fear of the dentist and Kyle tells him that he will be fine. The next week, Kenny goes to his appointment and he asks for some nitrus oxide (laughing gas), but he uses too much of it and he dies, making Stan even more frightened. Eventually Stan's dentist day comes and attempts to run away. He goes to Area 51 where he attempts to be abducted by aliens so that he won't have to go to the dentist, however everyone in Area 51 except him gets abducted. Stan returns to South Park and hides in Kyle's room where Kyle finds him. Kyle convinces him to go through with the appointment, which Stan then does. After it, Stan tells Kyle that it wasn't too bad and they walk off.

Meanwhile, Butters gets in massive trouble with his parents for having such a bad dental report that they ground him and make him brush his teeth four times a day, with special toothpaste that literally burns decay off your teeth and gums. But since Butters has perfect teeth, it actually burns right through his gums. When Cartman hears this, he starts laughing every time he sees Butters in school or when he walks by Butters house. One morning however, Cartman experiences some extremely painful toothaches and his gums even start swelling up. He attempts to hide this by wearing gum shields at all times. Eventually however, hie gums swell up so much that his gum shield won't fit in his mouth anymore. He is then taken to the dentist forcefully by his mother and the dentist and it is revealed that Cartman swapped dental reports with Butters to the adults. Butters is then grounded for lying and Cartman is banned from T.V and video games until his teeth are perfect again.

Kenny's Death: Dies of to much nitrus (laughing gas).

Knights of Awesomeness!

Summary: Sir Cartman and his companions Sir Stan and Kenny the Assassin head towards the Dark Jew's evil fortress to save Cartman's town from being transformed into Jews.

Plot: The episode begins in a small village where Sir Cartman, his fellow knight Stan and the hooded assassin Kenny are preparing to go on a questst to destroy the Dark One. Before he departs on his journey, the Dark One arrives in Cartman's village, which is just outside his massive castle, and he is revealed to be Kyle. Kyle calls his evil witch Wendy to cast a spell on the village. Everyone in the village becomes Jewish, except for Cartman, Stan and Kenny. As the trio travel through the dark forest to find the evil Kyle's castle, they discover a lone goblin that almost looks human, Butters. Butters joins the boys quest and they continue traveling. The boys discover a pair of blacksmiths living in the forest, Jimmy and Timmy (not crippled). Suddenly Jimmy and Timmy are attacked and crippled by the dark Lord Kyle's evil minions Craig, Clyde and Token. The boys follow the three dark knights to Kyle's castle and charge through the castles door and killing Wendy. Cartman then runs into Kyle's throne room and attacks him and slices him in half with his sword. Cartman returns home (with the others dead) and is hailed and is about to be rewarded when he wakes up in a hospital and realizes that he has been in a coma for two weeks after falling off the roof of his house. Cartman moans that it was a really good dream and tries to go back into a coma, but fails.

Stan/Kenny's Imaginary Deaths: They are both killed by Dark Kyle's henchmen.

Tween Attack!

Summary: The parents try to destroy the kids latest phenomenon, Tween Wave. But when Cartman leads a rebellion against the parents to save Tween Wave, it becomes war!

Plot: The parents finally get sick of the Tween Wave music that their kids are listening to and they form an angry mob to cancel Tween Wave bands. After attacking the Tween Wave company, Tween Wave gets cancelled. The boys hear about this and Cartman suggests that all the kids should go on strike too and try to bring Tween Wave back to South Park. The kids cause twice as much damage as the adults did and Tween Wave is brought back. The adults get angry and ground all of their kids, buying special locks to keep them trapped in their houses. Cartman escapes and frees all the other kids who hide in Cartman's basement and listen to Tween Wave. As the adults lead a rampage against Tween Wave industries, the manager of Tween Wave hypnotizes all kids listening to Tween Wave to come and help defend Tween Wave. The kids then block the adults way and stop them from destroying Tween Wave, but the adults don't stop charging at the building until they accidentally crush Kenny. Randy realizes how to stop Tween Wave by claiming that the adults like it too, which makes the kids stop liking it because if the parents like it, its gay, except Cartman who is furious that all the other kids stopped liking it. Butters then tells Cartman to get a life and he walks off.

Kenny's Death: Killed when the parents try to attack the Tween Wave building.

Cartman Be Good?

Summary: After a near death experience, Cartman claims that he has changed, but Kyle is out to prove him wrong.

Plot: After almost being hit by a car, Cartman realizes that no one would care if he died, giving him a reason to try and change his ways. The next day in school, Cartman comes in looking cheerful and he claims that the accident made him nice and everyone soon realizes that he has actually become nice, except Kyle who suspects that he's up to something. Kyle begins testing Cartman's niceness and keeps getting shocked by Cartman's nice reactions to everything Kyle does. That evening, Cartman realizes that when he became nice, he lost all control over his mother, who takes advantage of this to send him to bed early and give him healthy food. The next day Kyle tries to get Cartman to prove that he's still evil by calling himself a stupid Jew in front of Cartman. Cartman struggles and turns red-faced but doesn't insult Kyle, much to Kyle's annoyance. At the end of the school day, the kids are told that they are of school for a week. During that week, Kyle keeps coming up with plots to prove that Cartman is evil, as Stan keeps trying to convince him to stop thinking about Cartman.

When the break is over, the boys go into school to find a skinny, well mannered Cartman. Kyle becomes shocked and gives up trying to prove that Cartman is evil. In the toilets later that day, Butters discovers Cartman crying in the bathroom. Butters discovers that Cartman is trying extremely hard to be good just so that he can beat Kyle. Cartman attempts to stop Butters from telling Kyle, but in the process, shows the whole school that he hasn't changed by attacking Butters. Kyle smiles and says that everything is normal again.

Ultimate Mogwai's Idea 1: How Big?

Here's the link to his episode idea page. My episode idea. I thought of a name for it. Tell me if you like it or if you want it to be called something different.

Ultimate Mogwai's Idea 2: Pigeon

Here's the link to his episode idea page. My other episode idea. I thought of a name for it. It is a spoof off of the name Raven. Tell me if you want me to change it.

Ultimate Mogwai's Idea 3: Ronald McDonald Touched my Kids!

Here's the link to his episode page. Ronald McDonald Touched my kids! My South Park episode idea. Note that this idea isn't finished yet and Ultimate Mogwai will keep updating it.

A Jewless Town

Summary: When Kyle leaves South Park on holidays, everyone in South Park thinks that he has gone permanently.

Plot: When Kyle arrives home one day, his parents tell him that they are going to Hawaii for a week. The next day at school, Kyle tells everyone that he is going away and they all think that he is leaving South Park permanently. Stan begs Kyle to stay, while Cartman keeps trying to convince him to go. As the Broflovski's car drives out of town, Stan follows them on his bike until he loses them. Stan then realizes that he needs a another best friend, and takes various kids out to different places (the zoo, a theme park) and he tries to decide who he wants to be his best friend. When nobody turns up for the award of being Stan's best friend, he realizes that nobody really cares whether he has a best friend or not. Stan then tries one more possible best friend, Cartman. Stan realizes that Cartman is as upset at Kyle leaving as Stan is, so he thinks that it is a perfect friendship. Cartman however, comes up with a plot to go to Hawaii and bring Kyle back. Stan refuses, as he thinks that it is a pointless journey. Stan then realizes that without Kyle, he can't take risks. Cartman soon departs to Hawaii on a bus that will take him across America and with his moms credit card. Soon Kyle returns home and Stan, overjoyed, runs out and hugs him. Kyle, confused asked why Stan is hugging him. Stan replies that he thought that Kyle was gone forever. Kyle tells him that it was just a weekend trip, and Stan hits himself in the face after being so stupid.

As the credits role, it shows Cartman arriving in Hawaii and shouting 'Jews, c'mere Jews, come here Jews', until the credits end.

Mysterion Returns (part 1)

Summary: When Mysterion saves the boys lives, Stan and Kyle join him in stopping crime. Meanwhile Cartman creates a team of villains.

Plot: As Stan, Kyle and Cartman are walking home from school one day, they are attacked by a mugger. The mugger attempts to cut off the boys penis's one by one and he decides to do Kyle first. As Cartman tells the mugger to do it, Mysterion (aka Kenny) jumps down off a rooftop and throws a large quantity of fireworks at the mugger, the mugger then blows up. Cartman then walks off in a sulk, angry that Kyle didn't get his penis cut off, while Stan and Kyle decide to follow Mysterion. Stan and Kyle then find Mysterion's base (the junkyard) and force Mysterion to reveal himself to them. Mysterion tells them that he's Kenny and they ask to be his sidekicks. He agrees and Toolshed (Stan) and Human Kite (Kyle) return.

Meanwhile Cartman, still pissed at Mysterion, recruits Clyde, Token and Butters to create the ultimate anti-Mysterion team with the members being The Coon (Cartman), Professor Chaos (Butters), Mosquito (Clyde) and Tupperwear (Token). The group march along the streets, causing mischief and when Officer Barbrady tries to stop them, Cartman sinks one of his claws (which now are made of real knives) to cut Barbrady's balls off.

Mysterion, Toolshed and Human Kite proceed to try and stop a bank robbery. They succeed, only to discover that the robbery was a plan set to kill the trio by Cartman. The trio fight Cartman's team and almost win, only for Cartman to pull out a submachine gun that he got on ebay and shoot Mysterion, but only in his leg so that he doesn't die. He is then taken prisoner and Toolshed and Human Kite attempt to escape, only to be blocked off by Chaos and Mosquito, who are also holding submachine guns.

To Be Continued...

(I will show part 2, Mysterion's Last Stand, after I have typed a couple more ideas. So the next idea I type will not be a Superhero episode)

Stupid and Stupider.

Summary: Cartman attempts to become retarded. But when it works, he starts to regret it. Meanwhile as Cartman becomes more retarded, Timmy starts becoming more normal. Plot: After realizing how easy Timmy's life is because of his handicap, Cartman decides to make himself retarded. Cartman first smashes his head with a hammer, but it turns out to be a toy hammer, he then jumps off the schools roof, but lands on a trampoline that was just put there for the kindergartners. Finally he tries to get hit by a car, but every single car swerves out of the way. Furious, Cartman goes to Timmy and asks for lessons in being retarded, Timmy replies TIMMAH, which Cartman presumes means yes. Cartman follows Timmy around and eventually thinks of a way to become retarded. He kidnaps Timmy and takes him to Mephesto's lab, where he takes some of Timmy's blood and puts it in him. The next morning it, surprisingly works as Cartman realizes that he doesn't have any control over what he says and he can't move properly. His eyes also keep twitching and he can't make his face look right. In school, Kyle becomes suspicious and, after realizing that Cartman really did become retarded (on the outside anyway), he bursts out laughing. Cartman tries to tell on Kyle but he realizes that all he can say is Car-Man. Frustrated, he tries to become un-retarded only to be told by Kyle that you can't become un-retarded, making Cartman cry.

Meanwhile, Timmy begins noticing that he can speak more clearly and he starts regaining control over his legs. His head also becomes normal sized and shaped. Timmy uses this to be treated like a normal kid and he soon becomes the most popular kid in school. Throughout the episode, you can see Timmy, usually followed by a large amount of kids, walking in the background.

Cartman then realizes that he can become un-retarded by swapping blood back with Timmy. Timmy however, cannot understand what Cartman is saying and, as Cartman can't write anymore, Cartman can't write Timmy a note. In the middle of the night, Cartman kidnaps Timmy and transfers blood again, only for Cartman to become even more retarded, only being able to say Car- and after a very deep breath -Man. Cartman keeps transfusing blood only to keep becoming more retarded. Cartman comes up with another idea and kidnaps Butters. He swaps blood with Butters and becomes normal again. Butters then swaps blood with Timmy and everyone becomes normal again. The next day in school, Kyle sees that Cartman is fine again and says, 'God damn it'!

Absent: Stan (has a very brief cameo in the school corridor) and Kenny.

Butters Very Own Episode 2!!!

Summary: After annoying his art teacher, Butters is sent on a plane to France and he makes a crazy journey to get home.

Plot: During art class, Butters keeps asking the art teacher annoying questions. He annoys her so much that she claims that Butters art is great and she tells him that he should go to Paris to show everybody. Before Butters can reply, the teacher puts him on a plane to France and runs off. Butters then gets comfortable on the plane, but he walks up to the pilot and keeps asking him questions. The pilot goes crazy and shoots himself in the head. The plane then crash lands in the Alps and everyone except Butters dies. Butters then climbs down the mountain. He hitchhikes with a child molester who is about to rape him when Butters opens the car door by accident while the car is still moving and the molester falls out of the car. Butters, now frightened, starts driving the car and he travels across Spain. When Butters arrives at the border to Portugal, he is thrown out of his car by a pair of thieves, who then drive off in the car. Butters then starts walking and takes shelter in a strange building full of men. The men ask him whether he is gay or straight and Butters, starving, says that he is bisexual. The men feed him and then try to have sex with him. Butters screams and runs off and when they chase him in confusion, he steals one of the gay men's cars. Butters arrives at an airport in Portugal and runs on before anyone can stop him. As he is in the air, he sees the same child molester from earlier is on the plane. Butters runs into the plane's bathroom, scared. While hiding in the bathroom, Butters realizes that he is about to land in South Park Airport and he runs off the plane and the child molester chases him. Butters runs to a taxi and hops in. The child molester screams out that he needs to molest someone and he is shot by the police. When Butters arrives home, he is grounded for being out late by his parents. The police ask where he was and he tells them about the art teacher sending him to Paris. The art teacher is arrested and Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny all cheer and thank Butters for getting the art teacher arrested. Butters is then officially accepted back into the boys group.

TOkun592's Episode Idea: Idiot Quotient.

Here's the link. South Park Episode Idea.

Sibling Rivalries

Summary: Stan attempts to fight back when Shelley keeps beating him up. Meanwhile Kyle starts feeling jealous that Ike gets more attention than him and Cartman wants a younger sibling.

Plot: After Shelley beats up Stan again, Stan tells his mom on her, only for her mom to say 'just stay out of her way'. Stan gets angry and walks out the door to hang out with Kyle, Cartman, Kenny and Butters, only for Shelley to beat him up again on the way out. Stan tells the boys about Shelley and Cartman comes up with the idea that Stan should learn to fight. Cartman takes Stan to see Jackie Chan and then leaves. Chan teaches Stan how to fight, in a very similar way to The Karate Kid. Stan eventually thinks that he is ready, so him and Jackie Chan go to Stan's house. Stan tries to stand up to Shelley but gets scared. Jackie Chan tries to do it for him and Chan gets beaten up so badly that he is taken to the hospital in an ambulance. Shelley then attacks Stan for getting Jackie Chan to fight her. Stan starts using the moves Jackie Chan taught him to fight her. They continue fighting and eventually Stan kicks Shelley in the mouth so hard that her braces fall out and her gums start bleeding. Shelley tells on Stan, only for her mother to say 'just stay out of his way'. Shelley looks at Stan who says 'deal with it, bitch'!

Meanwhile Kyle starts getting jealous at Ike, because he seems to get far more attention than Kyle gets. Kyle constantly tries to get rid of Ike, by sending him on a bus to Alaska, by calling his real parents and asking them to take him and by trying to mail him away in a big box. Eventually Kyle succeeds in getting rid of Ike by sending him on a train to L.A, but Kyle starts missing Ike and realizes that even if Ike gets more attention, he's still Kyle's brother. Kyle then brings Ike back.

With all these sibling rivalries going on, Cartman feels jealous that he doesn't have a younger brother/sister and he tries to get one. He searches the town and gathers nine single men to make a baby with his mom. Liane however, doesn't want to have another child and refuses to have sex with any of the men. Cartman then sucks up to his mom by crying and claiming that he wants a little brother/sister. His mom then goes to an orphanage where she tries to seduce the owner of the orphanage into giving them a baby without any paperwork. The manager gets angry and bans Liane from the orphanage for life. Cartman moans.

Absent: Kenny and Butters.

Mysterion's Last Stand (part 2)

Summary: As Mint-Berry Crunch takes Stan and Kyle to his home planet for an ancient ritual, Mysterion is chased across South Park by Cartman's Legion of Villains.

Plot: First it shows a describing what happened in the previous episode (narrated by Stan and Kyle). Then, as Stan and Kyle are about to be shot, Mint-Berry Crunch teleports out in front of them. He then grabs Stan and Kyle and teleports away, but not before the Coon jumps on him and also teleports. Once they arrive at the correct destination, Cartman runs off quickly. Stan and Kyle then look around and see that they are on Mint-Berry Crunch's home planet. Stan and Kyle are brought to an old temple, where they are baptised with super-power water, giving them super-powers. When everyone goes outside to see what powers Stan and Kyle got, Cartman runs in and steals the super-water. Kyle then tries to use his power and starts flying and he also realizes that anything that he flies into, instantly smashes, making him a human bullet, although he wants to keep his proper name. Stan then tries and he shoots radioactive beams from his hands. He also discovers that he has mini-drills in his hands allowing him to climb walls. The boys get ready to return home and they do, but again Cartman jumps on Mint-Berry Crunch's back. When they arrive back on Earth, Cartman gives super-water to his teammates and he also recruits Timmy to his cause, creating Iron Maiden. Now the Coon has the powers similar to Wolverine, Mosquito can fly and spit poison balls from his mouth, Tupperwear with powers similar to Iron Man, Professor Chaos with powers to fly and shoot bolts of lightning from is hands and Iron Maiden has the power to be indestructible. The super villains attack Stan, Kyle and Mint-Berry Crunch and easily beat the crap out of them. The trio are taken to the villains secret lair where they see something shocking...

Meanwhile Mysterion had run away from the villains as soon as the Coon had left. Mosquito, Tupperwear and Chaos begin chasing him but he knows far more shortcuts around the town. He is chased across town through Mephesto's Lab, the South Park Mall, South Park Elementary and the South Park Rooftops and every time he fights a different member of the villains group. In Mephesto's Lab he fights Token, in the South Park Mall he fights Clyde, at South Park Elementary he fights Timmy (just recruited) and on the South Park Rooftops he fights Chaos. After beating everyone, the villains decide to all run at him at once. It works, but only because of Mysterion's shot leg. They take him to their base (Cartman's basement) and, using a device Cartman bought on ebay, they freeze Mysterion. The boys are then taken into the base and they see Mysterion frozen.

To Be Continued

Mysterion Falls (part 3)

Summary: When Kyle escapes from Cartman's grasp, he tries to recruit some help to save Stan, Mysterion and Mint-Berry Crunch!

Plot: First Kyle narrate what has happened so far, then it shows them watching Mint-Berry Crunch get frozen by the Coon. Kyle realizes that he can escape, but without Stan. Kyle says goodbye to Stan and he then flies up through the roof of Cartman's house. Cartman roars with anger and then freezes Stan. After flying far enough away from Cartman's house, Kyle panics as he can't think of what to do. Suddenly he realizes where he can get help, The Super Best Friends. When he arrives at the Super Best Friends secret base, he recruits them to help, but they inform him that Kyle will need more help than just them. Kyle then arrives at Cartman's house with the Super Best Friends, Towelie and Washcloth, Al Gore, a number of Imaginary creatures, Evil Parallel Universe Cartman, Stan and Kyle, the Big-Headed Stan Clone and Craig (who can use his Guniea Pig killing power, Kyle had to promise to leave him alone forever if he helped). They all attack Cartman, only for Cartman to teleport everyone who Kyle recruited to Mint-Berry Crunch's home planet. Cartman then informs Kyle that as long as Stan, Mysterion and Mint-Berry Crunch are frozen, Cartman has all of their powers. Kyle then tries to convinces all of Cartman's villains (Clyde, Token, Timmy and Butters) to help stop Cartman. After a lot of persuasion they decide to fight back against Cartman. With all of them attacking at once, they manage to knock-out Cartman. Kyle then unfreezes everyone and they all start beating up Cartman. Mint-Berry Crunch then explains how everyone's powers (except Mysterion's and his own) are only temporary and all the powers then wear off. Mint-Berry Crunch then teleports back all the people that Cartman teleported to his home planet. The next week in school, Mr. Garrison asks where Cartman is, as he hasn't been in school all week. Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Bradley all grin. It then shows Cartman stranded on Mint-Berry Crunch's home planet screaming with anger because his plan for revenge failed.

The Jew Crew

Summary: When Cartman discovers how much better being a Jew is than being a Catholic, he becomes Jewish and the other boys soon become Jewish too. When Kyle goes to tell on them, it becomes a choice between his religion or his friends.

Plot: While Cartman is studying Jews to find out more ways to make fun of Kyle, he discovers that their camp is far better than his. He also discovers that Jews get Christmas for eight days. He decides to become Jewish and he goes to the other boys and convinces them to become Jews too, much to Kyle's dismay. When the boys go to the church, they are informed that you can't change religion after you've been baptized. Kyle informs them that if they aren't Jewish that they can't join Jew Camp. Cartman then comes up with a plan to pretend to be Jewish and Cartman calls them the Jew Crew, angering Kyle. The Jew Crew then go to sign up for Jew camp, only to be told that they need a parent with them when they sign up. Cartman then goes to his mom and begs her to pretend that Cartman is Jewish. After a lot of persuasion, she finally agrees. The Jew Crew join Jew camp and enjoy it. Kyle goes to tell on them, but Cartman informs him that if he tells, everyone will hate him. Kyle then has to make a choice between everything his religion stands for or his friends. Stan decides that the Jew Crew is wrong and everyone except Cartman agrees with him and quits. Cartman gets angry and tries to convince everyone to stay. Kyle then tells on Cartman and Cartman is punished severely. At the end of the episode, Cartman is forced to watch Kyle having fun at Jew Camp and the other boys having fun in the other camp. He glares at them having fun with anger and jealousy.

The Tantrum Menace (part 1)

Summary: In a spoof of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, the boys start playing Star Wars, but they take it too far, and soon they are fighting for their lives (sort of) in a battle against the gingers.

Plot: After watching the first three Star Wars movies, the boys become obsessed with it. They start playing it with Butters as Jar Jar, Kyle as Obi-Wan, Kenny as Quei Gon Ginn (Kyle's mentor), Stan as Yoda, Token as Mace Windu, Craig and Clyde as Jedi and Cartman as Anakin (only he is with the other boys the whole time). As the boys play Star Wars, the Gingers approach them and wage war. The gingers give the boys special lightsabers, that actually taze you when you get hit by one. The boys then begin training for war. The events of the war are very similar to the movie, the Phantom Menace, with Jar Jar living at Starks Pond and the desert planet being the main town. At the end, Stan and Kyle fight against a ginger with a double bladed lightsaber. During the fight the Ginger keeps tazing Kenny until he dies from being electrocuted. Kyle avenges his death by pushing the Ginger off of his house roof. At the end, the boys are at Kenny's funeral and they make a vow to win the war!

To Be Continued...

Kenny's Death: Electrocuted by a Ginger with a double bladed light-saber.

Attack of the Phones (part 2)

Summary: As the boys continue playing Star Wars, the fight against the gingers becomes more violent than ever. Meanwhile, Cartman develops a crush on Wendy.

Plot: Cartman narrates what happened in part 1. Kyle and Cartman travel into a room and begin talking to Craig, Clyde, Token and Stan over the war so far. Stan (Yoda) assigns Kyle and Cartman to defend his girlfriend, Wendy Testaburger, from being attacked by Gingers. The rest of the episode folds out the same way as Attack of the Clones, only the Gingers recruited the 6th Graders to their cause and Cartman begins to develop a crush on Wendy, and the feeling is mutual.. And when Stan goes to see the army being made (in Star Wars, the clones), he sees his workers (Apple) creating tazers disguised as phones. Stan then recruits all the pre-schoolers to use them in the final battle (in the 6th Graders hangout). Kyle and Cartman then confront Craig (Count Dooku), who recently betrayed them. They loose the fight against him, but Stan arrives and wins, only for Craig to call his mom and get Stan grounded for a week. Kyle and Cartman swear revenge and they leave with the pre-schoolers and 4th Graders. Cartman and Wendy then share a compassionate kiss in private. One week later, Stan is allowed outside again, and Cartman and Wendy decide to hide their relationship from him.

To Be Continued

Absent: Kenny (died in part 1) and Butters.

Revenge of the Ginger (part 3)

Summary: As Cartman becomes stronger and stronger in the battle against the gingers, the Sith reveals himself. Meanwhile, Cartman and Wendy's crush becomes stronger.

Plot: It starts with Stan making a deal with a hooded figure for more phone tazers. The hooded figure is then captured by General Disarray, and Stan tells Kyle and Cartman to save him. They save him and battle with General Disarray. Back at the 4th Graders base, Cartman meets Wendy in secret and tells her that he doesn't want their crush to be a secret, to which Wendy responds, yeah but I don't have the heart to tell Stan that I don't want to be with him anymore. The rest of the episode unfolds similar to Star Wars 3, in which Kyle goes to fight General Disarray and Cartman starts being swayed by the hooded figure. Cartman soon is given the offer of the hooded figure making Stan disappear, so that Cartman can be with Wendy. After a while, Cartman discovers that the figure is Scott Tenorman and he informs Token and Clyde of this. They confront Tenorman and Tenorman tazes them so badly that Clyde goes into a coma, and Token becomes dizzy and falls out of a second floor window. They are both taken to the hospital and Cartman, still wanting Stan to disappear, goes with Scott. Stan and Kyle discover the truth, and Stan gets angry and dumps Wendy. Kyle then goes and confronts Cartman. Kyle claims that he thought that he and Cartman were becoming friends. Cartman then attacks Kyle and they have a big fight, similar to the end of Star Wars 3, while at the same time, Stan attacks Scott Tenorman, and Wendy stops Scott from defeating Stan by making Scott taze her into a coma instead of Stan. Stan then accepts Wendy back as his girlfriend. KIyle beats Cartman and, unlike the end of Star Wars 3, Scott just ditches Cartman and Stan comes and beats Cartman up. It ends with Wendy being carried to an ambulance in a coma, similar to the funeral at the end of Star Wars 3, with Butters saying good luck in the hospital to her.

Absent: Kenny (died in part 1).

GodzillaIsland7.2's Episode Idea.

Here's the link. GodzillaIsland7.2's South Park Episode Idea 1 - Mecha-Streisand's Counterattack

The Talent Show.

Summary: After getting in trouble again, the boys are forced to be in the school talent show causing them all to react differently.

Plot: Cartman encourages the boys to buy fireworks and set them off in school. The boys do it and get in massive trouble after the fireworks cause many injuries. For their punishment, Mr. Mackey realizes that they are running low on performers for the talent show and he forces the boys to be in it. The boys all react differently to the punishment.

Kyle becomes nervous that the whole school will laugh at him, so he tries to think of the least embarrassing act possible. He thinks of playing the piano, but he gets afraid that he will make a mistake, he thinks of a magic show, but thinks that it is gay and he thinks of dancing, which would actually be more embarrassing than the magic show. In the end, he asks Jimmy if he can help him with his act and Jimmy agrees.

Kenny imagines that his all the girls will love his act and show him their breasts. He keeps thinking about this and is in a dream state for the whole episode, while he practices his singing.

Stan fears that he will make a fool of himself in front of Wendy and asks if she will do a show with him. She says no, she also says that if his show is gay, since it will embarrass her too since she is dating him, she will break up with him. Stan panics and he eventually decides on doing a comedy act with Butters, where he basically makes fun of Butters throughout the whole show in rehearsal.

Cartman thinks that his act will become famous and he will travel the world being paid millions and, since he is so sure of himself, he doesn't even bother thinking about his act and he spends the whole episode telling everyone how awesome his how will be.

At the talent show, Stan realizes that he doesn't have the heart to embarrass Butters, but Butters says that he doesn't mind being made fun of if the person making fun of him feels guilty, since Cartman doesn't feel guilty. Stan then proceeds with the show and becomes a hit. During Kyle's act, he basically leads the show and makes Jimmy his assistant, but since Jimmy wrote the jokes used in the act, the show is still a hit. The show then breaks Jimmy and Kyle's friendship. Kenny then performs his opera singing and, like Stan, he becomes a hit. Cartman then goes on stage and realizes that he didn't actually come up with an act, and he is pulled off the stage and given two weeks detention for failing to do his punishment. Kyle wins the Talent Show, but he feels guilty about Jimmy and refuses the award, reigniting his and Jimmy's friendship. Kenny is then awarded it, but he is already gone outside with about ten different girls. Stan then receives it and Wendy runs up and tries to kiss him, but Stan then pukes on her by accident. The last scene is Cartman in detention.

Secrets... (part 1)

Summary: While Kyle was sick, the 4th Grade class witness something shocking, and Kyle desperately tries to find out what. Meanwhile, Butters gains control over Cartman when he discovers one of Cartman's most embarrassing secrets.

Plot: While Kyle was sick one day, the 4th Grade class witness something shocking, and they are forced to keep it a secret by the person involved in it. Kyle comes into school the next day and notices everyone murmuring to each other and stopping whenever Kyle comes close to them. Kyle asks Stan what everyone is talking about and Stan tells him that it is a secret and they must keep it that way. Kyle goes to Kenny, who also wants to keep it a secret. Kyle goes to everyone in the 4th Grade class, but fails to discover what the secret is. Kyle eventually thinks of the class's weakness, Butters! Kyle confronts Butters in the boys bathroom, and he keeps asking Butter questions. Butters starts to break when Stan walks in and realizes what's happening. He quickly pushes Butters out of the bathroom and warns Stan to mind his own business, as it is disgusting and sick. Kyle threatens Stan by saying that he will tell a teacher. Stan then attempts to tell Kyle the truth, but he sees four boys watching him at the door and Stan passes Kyle a note telling him to meet Stan at the bus stop after school. Later, Butters walks up to Kyle and confesses that he doesn't actually know what the secret is, and he is just pretending to know so that everyone won't tease him for not knowing it. Kyle tries to do the same, but is caught out when Wendy starts asking him questions about it. Kyle then goes to Stan after school, but just before Stan tells Kyle, Cartman appears from nowhere and stops Stan from telling Kyle the truth.

Meanwhile, Butters accidentally walks in on Cartman in the bathroom, and sees Cartman trying to destroy a tape. Butters grabs the tape off Cartman and runs off. Butters watches the tape and discovers that it is a pornography starring Cartman's mom. In the video, Liane is having sex with various animals like an elephant, a pig, a cow and a panda bear. Cartman later starts calling Butters names outside of school and Butters threatens to show everyone the tape. Cartman is then forced to stop bullying Butters. Butters then realizes that he can use his new found control over Cartman to extract his revenge for all the times Cartman bullied him. Butters starts making Cartman wait in line for him when new video games come out and tell Butters the answer to every question in school and if Cartman gets one answer wrong, the secret goes out. Butters then makes Cartman pay for two tickets to a circus that is coming to South Park. At the circus, Cartman is told to buy Butters popcorn, candy-floss and the biggest drink he can find. Cartman then starts making fun of Butters by calling him fat after he starts eating the food Cartman gave him, and Butters gets angry, scaring Cartman.

The next day at school, Butters shows Kyle Cartman's tape, causing Kyle to burst out laughing. Cartman begs him not to show anyone else, so Kyle comes up with an idea. Kyle tells Cartman that if Cartman tells Kyle the big secret, Kyle won't show anyone Cartman's secret tape. Cartman starts crying and begs Kyle not to force him to tell it. Eventually Kyle manages to convince Cartman to tell him and Cartman exclaims, it's a long story...

To Be Continued...

Secrets... (part 2)

Summary: Cartman tells Kyle a long story that leads up to the big secret. In it, Stan challenges Cartman to a fight, after Cartman pisses him off. Meanwhile, Butters gets locked out in the school playground and he needs to pee.

Plot: It starts with Kyle's recap of the previous episode in flashback form. Then it goes to the present, where Cartman begins to tell Kyle the long story of the big secret.

Two Days Earlier

On the school bus, Kenny dares Cartman to ask Wendy 'to make love to him'. Cartman surprisingly accepts the dare and walks up to Weny and asks her it. She screams in disgust and tells Stan what Cartman said. Stan gets really angry and challenges Cartman to a fight during recess. Cartman panics and starts arguing with Kenny for daring him to ask Wendy in the first place. As the boys walk into school, Butter's homework blows away and he chases it into the school playground. He grabs it, but then realizes that he is locked out in the school playground. Cartman then learns that Stan knows Karate and is getting ready to kick Cartman's butt. Cartman then goes to every boy in the school, and he asks them all to teach him how to fight. Eventually Mr. Mackey hears that Cartman wants to learn to fight. Mackey has a flashback to when he was a kid, and he needed to know how to fight off bullies. Mackey thinks that this is why Cartman wants to learn to fight and Mackey becomes his mentor. Mackey teaches Cartman how to fight until Cartman realizes how boring lessons are and he quits. Butters then needs to go to the toilet, but he refuses to pee outside. Soon before recess, Cartman begs Stan to call off the fight by apologizing to him, but Stan informs him that the fight is still going on. Literally moments before recess begins, Butters climbs down a hill in frustration and prepares to pee (with his pants down). Cartman and Stan then walk out and the whole 4th Grade class watch them fight. After a few seconds, Stan punches Cartman so hard that he falls over and goes rolling down the hill. As Butters is peeing, Cartman falls in front of him and his mouth lands on Butters penis. Principal Victoria then witnesses this and informs Butters and Cartman's moms that they are gay. Butters and Cartman are then sent to straight camp, starting next week.

When Kyle hears this, he bursts out laughing and Cartman gets angry. Kyle then asks Butters how come he said that he didn't know what the secret was. Butters replies that he didn't know that that was the secret, as he didn't understand that it was a big deal. The end of the episode shows Kyle informing Stan about how he found out, which includes Kyle accidentally revealing Cartman's secret to everyone in the 4th Grade. Cartman swears and goes home while being laughed at.

The Adventures of Lemmiwinks!

Summary: Lemmiwinks attempts to leave America, but he is hunted by a vermin exterminator. Meanwhile, the 4th Grade class search for a new pet.

Plot: The Lemmiwinks theme music comes on and Lemmiwinks is seen running (or crawling) away from a building full of terrorists. The building then explodes behind him, leaving many terrorists dead. The Frog King then appears and informs Lemmiwinks that even though he's a hero, there are people out there who want him dead. The Frog King suggests that Lemmiwinks should try and escape from America. The assassin from 'Follow That Egg' is then shown following Lemmiwinks trail. Lemmiwinks tries to outwit the assassin throughout the episode, and he always escapes. The assassin then recruits all the other assassins in the area and they give chase to Lemmiwinks. Lemmiwinks comes up with a plan to leave America by hiding in a human body. First he needs to find an airport. Then he needs to get inside a passenger and get on a flight. Lemmiwinks gets to South Park airport and he gets inside a human, unfortunately, it turns out to be Cartman, who was just hanging out around the airport with Stan and Kyle. Cartman starts feeling sick and leaves.

Meanwhile, the 4th Grade class, especially Butters, start feeling lonely because Lemmiwinks is gone. They start looking for a new pet and the class go to the pet store. They look at lizards, other mice, guinea pigs and fish. The class don't really like any of them. Butters then convinces Stan, Kyle and Kenny to go to the zoo with him and maybe steal an animal. The boys still don't see anything that is good until Butters sees a budgie called Prince. The boys refuse to help him steal it, except for Kenny. When Butters and Kenny try to steal the bird, Kenny gets shot by the zoo guards, but Butters escapes with the budgie. That night Cartman, after Lemmiwinks crawled inside him, starts feeling sick. He pukes up Lemmiwinks and brings him to school the next morning. Butters is about to tell everyone about the budgie, when Cartman comes in with Lemmiwinks. Lemmiwinks is put back in his cage, so Butters decides to keep Prince, the budgie, for himself.

Kenny's Death: He is shot by a zoo guard while trying to help Butters steal a budgie.

Who Da Best? (part 1)

Summary: The school decide to have a vote for the best 4th Grade kid of the year, and the boys all put their names forward to try and win, putting their friendship at risk!

Plot: At South Park Elementary, Principal Victoria announces a new policy that the school are coming up with, The Best Student Awards. Victoria explains that any 4th Grade kid can put their name forward and be in the vote for the Best Student. Each student gets one time-slot on the school news to act out why they should be picked. Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny, Butters, Wendy, Bebe, Clyde, Token, Jimmy and Timmyall put their names forward, and they al become rivals. Two days later at lunch, the time-slots begin.

Cartman goes first. His show is first him explaining how minorities are taking over, and he then sings a song, 'Minorities in my Country' (Minorities in my Waterpark with slightly different words).

Kenny goes next and he gives a long speech about hard workers and democracy, but no one can understand what he is saying because of his parka muffling his speech.

Bebe goes next, followed by Token, then Clyde, then Butters who starts telling stories and telling jokes. Butters seems to be quite successful.

Jimmy goes next and has a very good speech with jokes and seriousness, but because of his stutter, he is unsuccessful. He is followed by Timmy, who just keeps shouting Timmah and he actually seems to be quite successful.

Next is Kyle, who gives an honest report on how he thinks that the school could change. He also mentions how he will stop discrimination of color or religion (indirectly referencing Cartman). He speech also seems to be successful.

Stan goes next and he talks about how great it would be if he was chosen and how honoured he would be. He also mentions how he thinks that the school could change. Wendy goes next and speaks about rights and how if she was the best student, she would bring a whole new level of democracy to South Park Elementary.

At school assembly five contestants are eliminated. They are Bebe, Jimmy, Token, Clyde and Kenny. The remaining contestants (Stan, Kyle, Wendy, Cartman, Butters and Timmy) are told that that night the winner will be announced. During the day, through arguments caused by the contest, causing many fights and many of the characters friendships break. Kyle and Stan start ignoring each other, Butters beats up Cartman and tells him to stop being bully, Jimmy ditches Timmy since Timmy got through and Jimmy didn't. Also Kenny becomes depressed that he lost and just walks around on his own, miserable. That night the results are unveiled, the winner is...

To Be Continued...

Stan Da Man! (part 2)

Summary: Stan wins the Best Student award and becomes very popular with most of his class, but his close friends start to ditch him. Meanwhile since Cartman didn't win, he sets out to destroy all minorities himself.

Plot: TBA

I will continue adding more ideas as I think of them or whenever I am given one by someone who comments. From Friday the 1st of July until the 26th of August, I will not be here to add ideas, as I will be gone away, however I may gain access to a laptop from time to time.

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