• JJHero

    Ok, some of you will probably call this a rip-off, but after seeing Nightquest's, I thought I had to do my own! And here they are:

    S1: Death - To be honest, I didn't laugh once during the main plot. I thought the only good thing was the explosive diarhea subplot, but that was sot of pushed out of the focus for the introduction of Marvin Marsh. - 6/10

    S2: Summer Sucks - Yes I know, what about Terrance and Philip! But I'm gonna try and stay away from the most popular opinions to make this list more entertaining. Anyway, no laugh out loud moments and the giant snake was slightly too far-fetched, yes yes, even for South Park. - 5/10

    S3: Jakovasaurs - These guys were EXTREMELY annoying and Cartman being the only one able to understand them? Why? I…

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  • JJHero

    Season 16 Reviews

    March 28, 2012 by JJHero

    Ok, I want to see people's opinions on the episodes of Season 16 so I decided to make this. I'll be providing a review of the newest episode as soon as I can after it is released, and I want to see what you guys thought of it aswell! And I'll review the season as a whole once it's finished. So, what do ya say? Anyway, here's the reviews!

    First Thought - To be honest, I didn't like how this episode seemed. It sounded like they were resorting to toilet humour because of a lack of ideas, literally! I thought it would be much less funny than Cash for Gold but ironically, it was the other way around! Funniness - 9/10

    Drama - 6/10

    Parodying - 7/10 - John Harrington and the Toilet, lawyers who scam you for money and airport security that make you fe…

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  • JJHero

    I'm Back People!

    February 12, 2012 by JJHero

    Hey guys! Most of you probably don't know me (I've been a gone a while) but I want the guys who do remember me to know that I'M BACK.

    PS. I got all of your talk messages (ALL OF THEM) I just didn't reply cuz I didn't think I'd be back.

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  • JJHero

    Two Parter Finale?

    November 7, 2011 by JJHero

    I think that the season finale and A History Channel Thanksgiving will be a two-parter. My idea is during the episode Cartman and a group of other boys (Craig, Butters etc) will try to summon the aliens to question them about Thansgiving while the parents and Kyle try to prove the history channel wrong, going to insane efforts to do so, only to discover (at the end of part 1 perhaps?) that Cartman and the history channel were right and aliens actually appear, sending Kyle into shock. This is entirely fanon, but I do suspect that it will be a two-parter. What do you think?

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  • JJHero

    So far this series I have seen many funny episodes and this is the order of funniness in my opinion.

    The Last of the Meheecans: 98% - The most unrealistic episode and the biggest highlight of this season with plenty of one liners and a plot that is just crazy enough to be funny, without going seriously over the top like Bass to Mouth.

    Broadway Bro Down: 96% - No sane person can say that they didn't find this episode funny. The boys-lite episode of the second half of the series is one of the best this series. This episode isn't top only because I disliked the Shelley parts, but the Randy plot makes up for it. I loved the whole idea of Broadway making women want to give men blowjobs and I especially loved the Spiderman bit at the end.

    The Poor …

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