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    I have noticed the official south park website has been having alot of difficulties ever since the second half of season sixteen started. I like looking at the Frequently Asked Questions and there is no way you can ask any questions. The season nine page for streaming episodes lists "Mr.Garrison's Fancy New Vagina" twice. Some of the News and FAQ pages from some of the past months aren't there and the sound effects aren't on the Downloads page. I was wondering if any of you are experiencing the site's inconvenience or if it is just me? I hope they fix the problems soon.

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  • JBlsouthpark

    What is your favorite episode of the sixteenth season? My two favorites are "Going Native" And "A Nightmare on Face Time". "Going Native" was good because I Really like episodes that focus on Butters and adding Kenny made it even better. "A Nightmare on Face time" was good because Randy being obsessed with blockbuster made me laugh till the end. Post your favorite in the comments below.

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  • JBlsouthpark

    Season Sixteen sneak peak

    September 21, 2012 by JBlsouthpark

    I was watching an episode on South Park and an ad came up with a sneak peak for a new episode.

    The sneak peak showed The boys trick or treating and they were dressed like The Avengers Stan was Captian America,Kyle was Thor,Kenny was Iron Man, and Cartman was the hulk and someone made a joke about Cartman's costume. I am looking forward to the new episodes.

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  • JBlsouthpark

    Since season 16B is coming in September, I would like to see your Favorite Season16A episode in the comments below. Mine is "I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining" becuase I liked how it was the first time in an episode showing the boys in live action and how they brought back Mr. Hankey

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