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Administrator Thoughts

Administrators were asked to share their favorite quote, clip and thoughts from the season and thoughts on each episode.


Favorite Clip of Season 21:
Put It Down

Put It Down

Favorite Quote of Season 21: “Coal mining and truck driving are not exactly jobs of the future, so add Carrara subway tile to my fucking shopping list!” -Randy Marsh

Season 21 Thoughts: Boy oh boy, yet another season has passed by. Last season I was impressed, and I was once again this year.

This season, Matt and Trey perfectly mixed in the usual political events into unique new situations I wasn’t even expecting like in Doubling Down and White People Renovating Houses. Of course, Garrison (Trump) was covered heavily also this season, and I only laughed.

I’ll share more of my thoughts later on the general season, but, in line with the other administrators, I’ll share them episode by episode.

  • White People Renovating Houses (9/10) - This episode was a good start to the season. The Alexa parts made me laugh. Sharon and Randy's little renovating show was a funny take on today's house television shows like House Hunters and pretty much everything on HGTV. The confederate supporters replacing the Amazon Echo with themselves was hysterical! Some people will say the episode didn't flow well, but personally I thought it was fine on that end.
  • Put It Down (10/10) - I loved it! Period. The Tweek and Craig part made me and I’m pretty sure everybody else lose their shit with happiness and joyfulness. Their take on the North Korea situation was pretty funny. And I liked how this episode turned out, definitely one of the best episodes of the season. Remember Mr. President, Put It Down.
  • Holiday Special (9/10) - I wasn't a big fan of this episode at first, but as it went on, I liked it more and more. Kenny making a comeback was pretty sweet. The parody of 23 and me was hysterical. One of the questions I still have is why did Randy hate Columbus day so much? The Native American guy cracked me up when he kept going back to Randy, but I still have no idea why Randy wanted to taint his DNA results in the first place except to get a Native American background.
  • Franchise Prequel (10/10) - The Mark Zuckerberg impression was hysterical and so was Professor Chaos taking over an abandoned Circuit City. This episode perfectly tied in Coon and Friends and I think it did a great job of putting game content in alongside the episode's story line. I think the goal of this episode was to get everybody excited for the Fractured But Whole. If that was indeed (and it probably was) Matt and Trey's goal, they nailed it.
  • Hummels & Heroin (7/10) - my initial impression of this episode was very low at a 5/10. I thought this episode was half-baked and it wasn't what I expect from South Park. Granted it was funny as always and it had some good points in it, but still the plot and story line seemed thrown together to me. The ending was hysterical and actually brought my rating up for this episode. The story line of the Hummels I didn't really get, same thing with the party entertainers dying. On the flip side, the old people controlling the nursing home I enjoyed in addition to the ending (as I said). But the rest of it just seemed kinda thrown together and didn't impress me that much this week
  • Sons A Witches (10/10) - I thought this episode makes up for last weeks sloppy episode. A Halloween themed episode was nice to see, the comedy and plot were great. Cartman waiting for Heidi to get ready all the time cracked me up and so did Randy and the guys going out with a bunch of Crack and Jack Daniels. Glad to see Garrison made a appearance in the episode also. The most interesting part and a nice touch I thought was the spookified theme song.
  • Doubling Down (10/10) - I thought this episode was great. As a Kyle fanboy, I’ve wanted him to have a relationship forever. (He was sooo close) can’t believe Cartman sabotaged Heidi and stole her from Kyle even after they had relationship problems and how he was abusing her. Weird how whenever Kyle falls in love with a girl, it never lasts by the end of the episode. Hooked on Monkey Fonics, Cartman Finds Love and PC Principal Final Justice and now this episode. Don't know why it always happens to him. *sigh* Who knows, I'm not a fanfiction guy, but I hope Kyle will get a girlfriend soon he's the only main character who still doesn't have one. This was a really good episode none the less (The Member Berries appearance in the White House was so cool. It was nice we got some President Garrison mixed in the episode too!)
  • Moss Piglets (7/10) - This episode just wasn't that funny to me. I will admit the plot twist with Heidi and Cartman effectively switching roles was funny. In fact, that part and the Nathan and Mimsy/ Special-Ed Science Fair parts were funny to me. But the whole NFL story line really bogged this episode down for me. In fact, I think if Matt and Trey left that part out the episode would've been better. Personally, if we got more story line of how Kyle was the days after what happened in Doubling Down and maybe a short time lapse of what happened to Heidi, instead of the NFL plot, this episode would've been better.
  • SUPER HARD PCness (10/10) - This was a great episode! Kyle going through changes and not finding Terrance and Phillip as funny anymore and copying his mom’s footsteps from the movie in fighting the two Canadians was really interesting to see. The introduction of Strong Woman to South Park Elementary also turned out to be cute and well fitted into the episode. But at least I thought she was added in as an excuse for Matt and Trey to mix PC Principal into this episode.
  • Splatty Tomato (10/10) - A well put together ending for the season! Everything about this episode I loved, Garrison in town asking everybody about this approval ratings as he lurked around town. The “Fox Trap” and the 80’s music during the boys stroll through the woods I liked those parts. The “Whites” also reminded me of hardcore Republicans nowadays. Heidi going by the bridge, cabin and woods causing her to do soul searching I think was a great thing. In fact, their breakup is a great thing for multiple reasons. Not only was this continuity piece old, it also was starting to feel old, oh and Kyle and Heidi! Of course, we got left on a cliffhanger, which only makes us wait patiently for Season 22. We’ll have a lot to watch for and watch out for, with President Garrison on the loose.
  • Predictions for next Season: So, I had to say something about Kyle and Heidi so I might as well say my crap now at the end. I think they are perfect for each other and now that Heidi is single, I REALLY hope we see them next season. I pointed out my thoughts of her and Kyle in my Doubling Down reaction. But, if she loses weight and does return to her old self, I think we’ll see her and Kyle holding hands at the start of the next season. :) I hope that this happens and that Heidi doesn’t become a background character. They both are just… perfect for each other! Plus, 22 seasons in, It’s about time Kyle gets a girlfriend, I mean come on, somebody has to agree with me! Otherwise, We’ll be seeing Garrison next season for sure and any other major events that come up next year.
  • Final Thoughts: This was an amazing season, it was Classic South Park mixed alongside Trey and Matt’s takes on current events with Trump. A few missed opportunities this season though, in particular: The recent sexual allegations we’ve seen against people like Matt Lauer and Harvey Weinstein (I know he was mentioned in one episode but that wasn't enough, SP could've roasted him for days), More North Korea, The Solar Eclipse, The Hurricanes in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico.
  • Those topics and my Kyle Heidi obsession aside, this was truly a GREAT season and my final rating of it would be 9.7/10


Favorite Clip of Season 21:
Locked Up In Here

Locked Up In Here

Favorite Quote of Season 21: "Cartman: It's us, your heroes, Coon and Friends. We're uhm, just wondering why you stopped following us on Instagram? Wilson: Because you victimize innocent people and poop in little girls' mouths. Cartman: That's not true, Wilson. We're Coon and Friends, not Harvey Weinstein"

Season 21 Thoughts: In my opinion, this season is like this year; I didn't expect it to be worse than the last one. But it was.

Despite promising to have an unserialised season after last season's storyline was dragged out way to long, this season did have a story arc. This year, they decided to focus on the relationship between Heidi Turner and Eric Cartman. I am not a fan of Heiman (that's the ship name) cause I feel they both are happier apart (tho that changed for SUPER HARD PCNESS). Episode by episode review

  • White People Renovating Houses- The return of Heiman from Season 20, and they're both unhappy. We have to deal with their feelings, which I didn't like. Randys plot, despite watching him smash stuff, was rather dull. Rating-2/5
  • Put It Down- Another one with Cartmans feelings, but this one isn't as bad. Plus the subplot/main plot is rather good, all his freakouts were really funny. The song s are good too. 3.5/5 (may need a rewatch)
  • Holiday Special- Yay no Heiman! This was a really funny one, one of the only ones this season that felt like an old episode. Kenny got a part, which was great. Rating- 4/5
  • Franchise Prequel- Another great episode, this time on the focus of Coon and Friends. Tho not as good as the trilogy, I still really likes this. Professor Chaos had a great part as well. 4/5
  • Hummels and Heroin - another one that felt like classic South Park. The plots were great and I loved "Locked Up In Here", along with the Barbershop Quartet. Rating- 4/5
  • Sons a Witches- Yay a Halloween one. The witch hunt story was good, but (strangely) the highlight of the episode was the hilarious Heiman subplot. This is the greatest I've seen the couple and I really wish they could have done this kind of thing for the rest of the season. Best episode of the season imo. 5/5
  • Doubling Down- Ugh God.From the best to the worst. This one mainly focused on Heiman and the abuse behind it. I felt really bad for Heidi and the other girls seemed so out of character. Plus that Garrison subplot, wtf, horrific to watch. 1/5
  • Moss Piglets- For an episode advertised as a Timmy and Jimmy episode , I expected more Timmy and Jimmy. Instead the episode focused on the monster Heidi has become. While the episode had occasional good moments, it was,overall , dull. 2/5
  • SUPER HARD PCNESS- This one was ruined by spoilers. The Kyle subplot was described as a Bigger Longer and Uncut sequel, so I didn't expect just another Kyle has sand in his vagina episode. The cliffhanger at the end would have been so much better without the PC bit interfering. I liked when PC was put in his place though. 3/5
  • Splatty Tomatoes- This one was ok, it had some good bits in it, but it also had some bad bits. The cliffhanger basically was like they couldnt think of an ending. Heiman broke up though, which was great. I don['t really understand what's wrong with sex with a co-worker. Rating: 3/5

I'm hoping for the return of Stendy next season, along with seeing if PC Principal gets banned. I want Kenny to get a big part in an episode, he's supposed to be one of the main 4 boys! I really hope Heiman doesnt return though.

Overall this season gets a 3.5/5. Rather disappointing, though it did have its good moments. One major problem was that there no biggest, amazing thing like The Yelper Special, The Big Breakup or The List. I hope the next season will be better.


Favorite Clip of Season 21:
Put It Down

Put It Down

Favorite Quote of Season 21: "HR? Is that like... Hootie Removal?" -PC Principal

Season 21 Thoughts: I enjoyed this season immensely. Matt & Trey stuck with their promise of not having another serialized season (although I would've loved that), and went back to Season 19's amazing formula of having little continuity nods mixed in here & there. There was one serialized subplot during the season, but it was done well (for the most part), and it didn't ruin the season at all. That subplot focused on the on-again, off-again relationship between Heidi Turner & Eric Cartman; being a huge fan of their controversial relationship, this was very pleasant to see. They're cute when they're happy, and they're funny when they're fighting; not to say their relationship is perfect, no relationship is.

The absence of classic characters was a bit disappointing. I miss Kenny, Wendy, and to a certain extent, Butters. But their absences didn't take away from the season at all; I like to focus on what was in it, not what was missing. But with that said, it would've been a thrill to see a Kenny episode this year.

Overall this was a great season in my opinion. It had good stories, great writing, and amazing character development! Heidi & Eric's relationship was exciting to watch, Garrison's Presidential problems were funny & amusing, and everything in between was near perfection. As a true fan, I stand proud as I give this season a solid 9/10.

Individual Episode Reviews:

  • White People Renovating Houses (7/10): Not a very good start to the season. Randy's plot was funny, and Darryl's plot was kinda touching. My main (& only) problem I have with this episode is watching Heidi be abused & used by Cartman, and watching her being heartbroken. This was the only Heiman episode I didn't enjoy watching.
  • Put It Down (10/10): How do you counteract a bad premiere? With an episode like this! It was fun, it was funny, it was touching, it was smart, it was well done, the songs were amazing, it brought Heidi & Cartman back together, Craig & Tweek's relationship was very sweet, and Heidi's speech at the end was astonishing! What else could you want from an episode?! Oh yeah, did I mention the songs? 'Cause they're really fuckin' good!!
  • Holiday Special (9/10): A very smart, very funny, very wacky Randy episode. The fact that he'd be willing to make out, and even have sex with what's essentially a stranger, just to fake his DNA test, was very shocking & amusing to me for some reason. Bill Yellow Hawk's feeling's towards Randy were very sweet & heartwarming, to the extent where it felt a little sad to watch Randy mistreat him; luckily it didn't hurt the episode. Kenny having another major role was very exciting to see, and his "disguised voice" was a blessing in... ahem... disguise.
  • Franchise Prequel (8/10): This one was good. Not great, but good. South Park: The Fractured But Whole's predecessor was enjoyable to watch unfold. Butters' return as Professor Chaos was something I was looking forward to for a while, so I liked that. Mark Zuckerberg's shenanigans & shtoile were very amusing and pretty hilarious. The only problem I had with it was the fact that it didn't feel like a classic Coon and Friends episode.(edited)
  • Hummels & Heroin (9/10): A very, very funny Stan episode. Seeing the return of Grandpa Marvin Marsh was definitely a pleasant surprise. Marcus' storyline was fantastic, and he is now my #1 favorite one-off character of all time; I prey to see his return. Also, the ending was amazing, funny and executed well.
  • Sons A Witches (8/10): Surprisingly, I don't have much to say about this one. Good episode, good story, good writing. Another very fun Heiman episode. And Garrison finally returns in-person. I would've liked to enjoy this one more than I did, but for whatever reason, I found it boring at times, specifically the witch related parts.
  • Doubling Down (7.5/10):This was just a better version of the premiere. It was very heartfelt, and I enjoyed the messages. But Cartman, Wendy, the girls, and even Kyle felt very out of character to me. I initially loved it, but the more I watched it, the more it disappointed me.(edited)
  • Moss Piglets (8.5/10): - This one had a good premise, but it wasn't executed nearly as good as it could've been. Nathan's schemes, and Mimsy's dimwitted innocence had me laughing a lot. And Heidi's storyline about how she's changed was fun & interesting to watch. The NFL storyline kind of dragged the episode out, but didn't completely ruin it. It was a really good episode, but I don't think it was as good as it potentially could have been.
  • SUPER HARD PCness (9/10): Great episode! Vice Principal Strong Woman is a character that I didn't know I needed until she was introduced! She is definitely a great edition to the iconic cast of characters we've come to know & love. Same goes for Miss Conduct, her appearance was left a bit ambiguous, but I'm preying that she sticks around. Heiman was at it's best in this episode, and it was great seeing Heidi hang out with the other boys. All the parallels to South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut were hilarious. I only had one problem with this episode, and unfortunately, that was Kyle. I love the boy, but again, he just felt so out of character & selfish in this episode. But apart from that, amazing episode!
  • Splatty Tomato (8/10): This would've been a great episode on it's own, but the fact that this was the finale was a bit disappointing. The story was great; and all the references to IT, Stranger Things, and 80's movies were hilarious. It was nice to see Creek again, as well as Stan, and Randy. I am a little upset that Heiman had to end, but I'm pretty positive we'll see more of them in the future. My biggest (& really only) complaint was the cliffhanger, it was very confusing & frustrating to me. Sorry, Mr. President, the approval ratings aren't looking good for this one.


Favorite Clip of Season 21:
Southpark Get me a f* ambulance! Peppa Pig

Southpark Get me a f* ambulance! Peppa Pig

Favorite Quote of Season 21: Heidi: "I want you to have some balls and act like you care about me!"

Cartman: "Heidi, you need to stop being such a bitch!"

Heidi: "...Call me a bitch again."

Cartman: "..."

Heidi: "Do it. Call me a bitch again."

Cartman: "You are...acting, like a...bad girlfriend."

Heidi: "That’s what I thought!"

Season 21 Thoughts: In my opinion, Season Twenty-One of South Park is heinously underrated. Last season was my least favorite of the series. The writers recognized that many fans didn’t particularly enjoy the season either, and made an effort this season to improve the writing, which I deeply appreciate. There was a tremendous increase in quality this season compared to the last one, and I am very grateful for this. I want the writers to know they are doing a good job, and to keep up the great work, to hopefully generate an even greater Season Twenty-Two. So instead of dwelling too much on the things I didn’t like about Season Twenty-One, I want to instead shine light on everything I enjoyed. Which thankfully, wasn’t very hard to do, considering how great the season really was.

I loved the A and B plots we were given focusing on the relationship of Eric Cartman and Heidi Turner. Their sudden infatuation for each other last season seemed very random, however the effort made this season to apply significance to their relationship, and Heidi's character, definitely paid off. The toxicity of their relationship I found very funny, but also emotionally brutal after a deeper analysis, which really made me appreciate the writing this season even more. I was also very thankful to have episodes focusing on the other characters, namely Stan, who, along with his grandpa, I absolutely loved seeing more of this season. Heidi's transformation much later into the season's run was cathartic, and I enjoyed seeing her intimidate Cartman, but I also felt bad for her.

I also loved Kyle's role, and how the bullying he received by the colder, broken, evil Heidi turned him into his mother. This made me empathize with Kyle, as well as Sheila, who likely experienced bullying like Kyle had when she was young, which could’ve made her how she is currently. This season added an extra layer to a lot of the characters, and Heidi's transformation left the door open for larger roles for the other 4th grade girls for next season, which I am very grateful for. I also really enjoyed the new characters introduced to us this season, Marcus Preston, Strong Woman, and Heather Conduct I hope to see more of next year. My only complaints would be Kenny's absence, I really miss him. Overall, I really love Season-Twenty One. As a whole, I’d give it a decent, 8.5/10 rating.

Episode Ratings:

  • White People Renovating Houses - 7/10
  • Put It Down - 10/10
  • Holiday Special - 8/10
  • Franchise Prequel - 7/10
  • Hummels & Heroin - 10/10
  • Sons A Witches - 10/10
  • Doubling Down - 8/10
  • Moss Piglets - 9/10
  • SUPER HARD PCness - 10/10
  • Splatty Tomato - TBA

To Wrap It Up

This was yet another season of one of our favorite shows and while we each have different opinions on it, I know one thing: We all love this show and we loved the fact we got to watch these episodes every week.

What's Next For #SouthParkLiveChat

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What's Next for South Park Archives

Lots of stuff, after the basics have been completed for this episode, we will be starting a plethora of projects to cover things we missed during the season, expand articles, correct and fact check articles and introduce more character articles, behind the scenes and Fractured But Whole and Phone Destroyer content. So believe me, there will be plenty for everybody to read and edit until Season 22.

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There is a few Fractured But Whole DLC's expected next year.

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We would not be doing this if it was not for your support for our wiki! So we thank all of you! We also want to thank Matt and Trey and everybody at South Park Studios for everything they do for each and every one of us by bringing us this amazing show. Of course, I have to give a shoutout to the BEST ADMIN TEAM ON FANDOM! Jamesb1, PissCoveredOcelot and Jackstanbrah who worked their asses off this season. (Special thanks goes to PCO for covering the plot a few weeks this season and SpacemanDoug for images a few weeks also). I'm proud to work alongside such a talented team with all of you guys every day and without you guys, the wiki would not be where it was today. From the bottom of my heart, thank you guys for your help this season and for the work you do here each and every day, you all make South Park Archives and me proud. Also a shoutout to our editors who helped out during the season as well. Once again, special thanks to all of you for reading and sticking with us this season, we know you have a choice in South Park Wikis, and we thank you for choosing South Park Archives!

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