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What's your favorite trio(s)?

Decide which trio(s) are your favorite trio(s), Your choices are:

1. Stylenny (Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski & Kenny McCormick): 2

2. Styman (Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski & Eric Cartman): 1

3. Stylendy (Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski & Wendy Testaburger): 1

4. Stennman (Stan Marsh, Eric Cartman & Kenny McCormick): 0

5. Stylutters (Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski & Butters Stotch): 0


  • It dosen't have to be 1, it can be 2 or that you like all trio(s), seeing as it is YOUR opinion.
  • If there's another trio(s) out there that I seemed to have forgotten, then you can let me know, that way, I can add it onto the list of choices you see above.
  • This is NOT a Love Triangle, seeing as it is not for a friendship nor a romantic relationship, It actually depends on what you think when you see 2 characters next to 1 more person.

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