Mecha-Streisand is back for the third time to wreak havoc in South Park, but this time she's even stronger than ever before, she's so strong and devastating that not even Robert Smith can stop her.


At the South Park Genetic Engineering Ranch, Dr. Mephesto was working on one of his latest experiments until a bunch of men in black robes broke-it to the lab and attacks Mephesto until he falls unconscious and finally, they take him away once he fell unconscious.

Later at Barbra Streisand's Mountain Condo, Dr. Mephesto wakes up only to realise that he is surrouned by five men in black robes which they reaveal themself's (they did not remove their robes) as Barbra Streisand's henchmen. There plan was to reconstruct Mecha-Streisand so that they can take over the world and rebuild civilization into their liking and if Dr. Mephesto doesn't help them rebuild Mecha-Streisand, they will scald him to death and finally, Dr. Mephesto agrees to help rebuild Mecha-Streisand as he states that he would rather rebuild her than steam up like a vegetable which pleases Barbra Streisand's henchmen. So Dr. Mephesto and all of Barbra Streisand's henchmen start rebuilding Mecha-Streisand (although, Dr. Mephesto has the feeling that this is wrong) and soon, Mecha-Streisand is ready to attack as one of Barbra Streisand's henchmen pushes a button, then flips a switch, starting up Mecha-Streisand, Mecha-Streisand is now out to attack the town for the third time with all of her henchmen bringing out their evil laughs and Dr. Mephesto asks "Can I please go home now?" like he didn't care seeing as his work with Mecha-Streisand is done and one of Barbra Streisand's henchmen replied "Yes" and knocks down Dr. Mephesto and he falls unconscious again and when he finally woke up, he's actually back at the South Park Genetic Engineering Ranch with no memory of men in black robes ever breaking into his lab and attacking him or even being forced to rebuild Mecha-Streisand.

Later back in South Park Elementary, everyone started hearing giant footsteps, Kyle asked "What was that?" and Mr. Garrison replied "Oh! Some Dinosaur's coming or something, I don't know." and soon the school bell goes off as a fire drill and Mr. Garrison said "What the hell??" and Principal Victoria said with the PA system "All students are to evacuate the school immediately!" and finally, in the front of South Park Elementary, all the kids pour out happily, the boys then walk all the way to the Bijou Cinema as an after school treat, before they went in to get a ticket to see a movie, the whole theater explodes right infront of them and behind the fire appears Mecha-Streisand, who then roars at the boys with vengeance, causing the boys to scream and run away in terror, Mecha-Streisand then fires a stream of explosive fireballs from her genital area at the boys which were all miss fires, but it does, however, kill Kenny in the process, causing Stan to say "Oh my God, she killed Kenny!" which causes Kyle to say "You ba--!", But before Kyle could say bastard(s), Mecha-Sreisand once again attacks the boys with explosive fireballs she shot from her from her genital area and the boys once again ran away from her, but this time, they successfully managed to get away from her. Everyone else started running away as well as Mecha-Streisand starts destroying everything like hospitals, schools, retirement homes, grocery stores and even a bowling alley, she even picked up a white woman's car while she's still inside and looked at her in the window with her big eye like in Jurassic Park, the aircraft fighters came and tried to destroy Mecha-Streisand, but Mecha-Streisand took them down with her orange-yellow lightning-like beam that she shot from her mouth. No one could stop her until Leonard Maltin, Sidney Poitier and Robert Smith all came out of nowhere in their giant monster forms and attacked Mecha-Streisand from behind and they all began to do battle with her. Leonard Maltin, Sidney Poitier and Robert Smith tried everything to destroy Mecha-Streisand like Laser Beams that are shot from Leonard Maltin's eyes, plasma fireballs which Sidney Poitier fires from his mouth and Cross Heat Laser beams from Robert Smith's antennas, but none of them all worked and Mecha-Streisand unleashes a stream of explosive fireballs from her genital area which knocks Leonard Maltin, Sidney Poitier and Robert Smith all down.

Later at Broflovski Residence, Kyle watches all this all in the news, he kept watching and hoping that Leonard Maltin, Sidney Poitier and Robert Smith will destroy Mecha-Streisand until Stan enters the house, telling Kyle that Ike is going to fight Mecha-Streisand which leaves Kyle shocked and worried and soon, the two go out and find Ike, but when they finally arrived, Ike has already gotten the Triangles of Zinthar and Krewluck in his hands, he then combines the two triangles together to form the Diamond of Pantheos even though Kyle keeps telling him not to which transforms Ike into Mecha-Ike, Mecha-Ike then goes out to find Mecha-Streisand so that he can fight her, Kyle goes out and tries to stop him and Stan told Kyle once not to go because it's too dangerous, but ends up going after him and it is revealed that Cartman witnessed and heard the whole thing and he goes after Stan, Kyle and Mecha-Ike.

Mecha-Ike is finally arrives in town, Kyle and Stan managed to catch up with him and Kyle keeps convincing Ike not to fight Mecha-Streisand because he doesn't wanna lose his brother to the mechanical dinosaur, Mecha-Ike then feels like not fighting Mecha-Streisand which makes Kyle happy until Cartman arrives and convincing Mecha-Ike to fight Mecha-Streisand as Cartman said in his thoughts that by convincing Mecha-Ike to fight Mecha-Streisand, it would upset Kyle. Kyle then kept on convincing him not and soon, the two got into an argument, during the argument, Kyle told Stan once to help him, but Stan states that he has nothing to contribute about the argument which makes Kyle yell out "CRAP!" in anger.

Meanwhile, during the fight with Mecha-Streisand, Mecha-Streisand was about to kill Robert Smith first with her chainsaw arm, but she heard Kyle and Cartman's argument about whether Mecha-Ike should fight her or not and apparently, Mecha-Streisand lets out a roar, run towards Mecha-Ike which causes Stan to warn Kyle and Cartman that Mecha-Streisand's coming which then causes Kyle and Cartman to stop their argument, the three soon got out of the way as Mecha-Streisand then attacks Mecha-Ike from behind with her tail, knocking him down. Mecha-Ike then gets up and turns around for her attention and soon, the two began to fight. Mecha-Ike tried everything to destroy Mecha-Streisand by jumping towards Mecha-Streisand and ramping her and firing Baby Blue Fire Rings from his palms which can either strangle or immobilize Mecha-Streisand, but nothing still works and Mecha-Streisand starts firing rockets from her shoulder mounted rocket launchers at Mecha-Ike which is enough to knock him down for a while, Kyle then starts to freak out about it and tried to run to him, but Stan keeps holding him back as he says to Kyle that there's nothing he can do to save his brother now.

Later at the South Park Genetic Engineering Ranch, after seeing this all on televison, Dr. Mephesto finally regains his memory about men in black robes ever breaking into his lab and attacking him and being forced to rebuild Mecha-Streisand and rushes to South Park to help.

Meanwhile, Mecha-Streisand keeps attacking Mecha-Ike with her tail, not being able to get up, making Kyle more upset with Stan feeling really bad for him and soon, Dr. Mephesto arrives and tells the boys Mecha-Streisand's one weakness which appears to be the bead on her forehead, the bead is what keeps Mecha-Streisand strong and devastating and if it ever cracks, then Mecha-Streisand will become weaker and with that being said, Kyle tells Mecha-Ike to focus his attack on Mecha-Streisand's forehead and Mecha-Ike listens and karate chops Mecha-Streisand in the forehead so hard that an electrical surge appears on Mecha-Streisand's forehead which causes Mecha-Streisand to roar in pain, revealing that the bead on her forehead was cracked which made Kyle very happy, soon enough, Mecha-Streisand roars at him with anger and tried to attack him with her tail again only for the tail to be blown off by a plasma fireball shot by Sidney Poitier, who's already up again along with Leonard Maltin and Robert Smith to help Mecha-Ike defeat Mecha-Streisand once and for all. Mecha-Ike, Leonard Maltin, Sidney Poitier and Robert Smith all continue fighting Mecha-Streisand and eventually, Leonard Maltin fires three Razor Halos from his hand which slices off Mecha-Streisand's chainsaw hand and both of her shoulder mounted rocket launchers which causes Mecha-Streisand roars in pain once again, Sidney Poitier then forms a fiery plasma fist and drives it into Mecha-Streisand's chest which fatally weakens her enough to be killed once and for all and finally, Leonard Maltin fires his Laser Beams from his eyes, Sidney Poitier fires a plasma cannon from his chest, Robert Smith fires Cross Heat Laser beams from his antennas and Mecha-Ike fires a Baby Blue energy beam from his chest, they all aimed at Mecha-Streisand's wounded chest and it explodes cauing Mecha-Streisand to let out one last roar and finally, she falls down and dies (she did not explode this time). Everyone cheers that Mecha-Ike, Leonard Maltin, Sidney Poitier and Robert Smith all defeated Mecha-Streisand, Mecha-Ike then farts out the Diamond of Pantheos, causing him to turn back into regular Ike which makes Kyle so happy and gladful that he runs up to Ike and hugs him.

The town works on re-building itself, the Diamond of Pantheos is taken away to the museum for display so that nobody can have it's kind of power it holds from within, all of Barbra Streisand's henchmen were all arrested for their evil crimes, Robert Smith takes Mecha-Streisand's dead body out to the sea and he drops it into the depths and was never to be seen again so that no evil mastermind like Tom Cruise and his army of celebrities or even Barbra Streisand's henchmen can ever use her for their own evil plans and Stan walks up to Kyle, letting him know that his brother was really brave out there and Kyle agrees with Stan, Leonard Maltin, Sidney Poitier and Robert Smith then came to Stan, Kyle and Ike in their giant monster forms with Leonard Maltin saying to them "Ike, you shown great courage, and we're very greatful to you. Barbra Streisand is now sinking very deep into the ocean for all eternity. Thank You." and Ike says to Leonard Maltin "You're welcome, Leonard Maltin." and finally, Leonard Maltin, Sidney Poitier and Robert Smith fly off into the sunset, still in their giant monster forms, with Stan, Kyle and Ike waving to them with Stan saying "Goodbye, You Guys!" to all three of them and Kyle saying to Robert Smith "Disintegration is still the best album everrr!".


  • Leave any suggestions, like what I could've done or something, in the comments if you have anything for me add on my episode idea, That way, I will keep updating this episode idea whenever I can.

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