Hey South Park fans, the premiere of Season 16 with "Sarcastaball" literally JUST happened, so now it's time to tell us what you thought!!

From the live chat party we had, it seems like you think this season is off to a good start, but do you think things will only get better from this first episode? Not to ruin things for the people who haven't had the chance to watch it yet, but Butters ("creamy goo") and Randy Marsh ("Help me, Sharon, help me!") made this episode pretty darn funny!!

What did you think of "Sarcastaball"?

The poll was created at 05:58 on September 27, 2012, and so far 32 people voted.

Please share with us what you thought about Sarcastaball (the moments you loved or hated) in the comments below! Also, check out the Sarcastaball/Trivia section for fun facts!

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