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  • Dwunastek

    Okay, so as I announced previously, Im impatiently waiting for Season 20 episodes. Its gonna be released on the evening of 22th September here in my country, which is okay I guess. I heard a few spoilers about it, but spoilers aren't enough. Anyone here need to wait for the episode to be released too? Im really impatient just to see the whole episode. Well, at least I could see the titles of the clips - According to these, it looks like one of the girls will die, Scott Malkinson will have a problem, and girls will have some kind of a revenge on the boys.

    As I said previously..  CANT WAIT TO SEE IT.

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  • Dwunastek

    My story with south park

    September 22, 2016 by Dwunastek

    Okay, so I know that no one cares about that but I'll tell you my story anyways.

    I begun with South Park the stick of truth (Without knowing south park, yeah yeah I know) in 2013-2014, and played it in 2015. Later on, in late 2015, I watched S15E02 (Back then my fav character was Jimmy). In 2016 I watched a few random south park episodes. Since april 4, I was spending the whole time watching south park (1 season per day). So now here I am... waiting impatiently for Season 20 episodes.

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