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  • Fatface

    I just read this quote online. I've seen every episode, but this quote just isn't ringing a bell. Butters: "I don't want to do this if it hurts or if it makes you get all sticky" Please tell me where that quote is from (I believe it is Proper Condom Use)

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  • Fatface

    New Episode!

    October 6, 2011 by Fatface

    I'm so stoked about the new episode (after like a hundred days of hiatis.) airing in an hour! This is my first blog and it's not perfect but, hey; who cares!? The episode you're getting old was...

    ....not the best either. I just hope this episode will be more like older episodes and will be much better than the previous one. I know Matt and Trey will make this episode perfect, or as close as they can to that. They did every idea so maybe they're just running out of ideas! Oh, the episode tsst! is on right now. I'm going ton watch it.

    Back on topic, this episode will be killer! Okay y'all, peace! Haha! Cartman just impersonated a British accent! Haha!

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