I think a lot of us are familiar with the FAQ page on And anyone who's looked at it for very long can probably tell that it's almost completely pointless. 99.9% of the time, it gives away no information that is new or unknown. It's just one guy answering a whole bunch of really basic questions...

"Which episode did THIS happen?"

"How many times has this character done such and such?"

"What's this character's middle name?"

And I think that we at the South Park FAQ's should be handling these questions ourselves. That one FAQ guy on SPS has other stuff to do. So what if we had a big banner on the front page saying "can't find the info you're looking for? Ask a question here." and providing a link to some forum where they can post their questions. Now I know we already have something a little like that, with the forums, but it's very sloppy and not everyone will know it exists. There's got to be a better way to do it.

Actually, I think do I have a better way; just have an email address on the front page (if that is allowed, I don't see why it wouldn't be), and a question-asker can ask their question there. Then, the question-answerer will post their answers on a big page that gets bigger every week/month. Maybe just the head admin of the site would do this, and maybe he/she could take shifts with the other admins... I could do it all myself too if no one else wants. :| So yeah it would basically be exactly like how does it, but I still think this would turn out better because... well... it just seems that a Wiki is where all those simple questions should be. The FAQ guy on SPS has no insider knowledge whatsoever, or at least he never gives any of it away if he does have any. I find that we are just as qualified to answer questions as he is, and that maybe, just maybe, people will start using this site for their questions, and save for the special questions.

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