I've only been here a short while but I'm already going insane. This Wiki is about 99% complete as it is, there's simply not much more that needs to be done. But behind-the-scenes, where everybody talks to each other about editing and writing, it's an absolute mess! Just an incredible mish-mash of "we should do something!" "should we do something?" "we should do something!" "should we... DO something?" "we should DO something!"

The Answers page is even worse. I can't believe I actually love the FAQ page on SPstudios a lot more by comparison.

So I'm quitting. Sorry if I started to make myself look like I was going to help you guys for a long time, but from now on I think I'll just sit back and enjoy South Park. Not crawl into its skin and document every single thing about it. I'll still visit the site for information.

And I still think The Spirit of Christmas should be October's featured article.

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