As you might already know, South Park's two-hundredth episode and two-hundredth-and-first episode suffered an apparently unbearable mass of controversy for their depiction of Muhammad; the prophet of the Muslim faith.

Comedy Central heavily censored 200, hiding Muhammad behind a black "CENSORED" box. 201 was even more butchered; every mention of his name was bleeped out. Near the end of the episode, the classic speech about "what I've learned today" was entirely bleeped out; creating a minute-long, nearly-unending bleep. Trey Parker later said that wasn't even a joke on their part; the network actually did do that.

Even worse, something that has never happened to a South Park episode has happened; they have been pulled off the air, they have been removed for rent/purchase on Xbox Live, iTunes, ext, and have been taken off of until further notice.

Since then, everyone has been asking whether or not these episodes would be on the South Park Season 14 DVD and Blu-ray box set. Yep, we finally know that


Read all about that here. Although it brings up another question; will they all be uncensored? We actually don't know that for sure. The information on the South Park Studios site only says all 14 episodes will be on there, it mentions nothing of censorship.

But I personally noticed something more strange. Seasons 11, 12 and 13 are the only seasons so far to be uncensored on DVD, and they all have "Uncensored" hidden somewhere on the front cover. Look at the cover for season 14. It's nowhere to be seen.

Oh well, maybe the person writing the information on the site didn't think to mention it, because he/she assumed it was obvious. Or maybe the DVD's censorship hasn't yet been decided. If there are any updates to this news, it will be covered on the South Park Archives shortly.

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