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  • Davoo

    We need to settle this before it becomes a full-fledged battle.

    I say... well, there's a gap between how much screen time a character has, and how 'main' a character is. SKCK have been together as four friends, four main characters, side by side, since the very, very, very beginning. They're the ones who sing the theme song, they're the ones that stand at the bus stop. They also, as tons of people have pointed out before, fit the four temperaments together to a T. Butters wasn't there for any of that. Maybe it sucks, maybe he deserves to be, but he just kind of isn't.

    On the character portal, I keep removing Butters from the list of main characters, but I'm afraid someone is going to keep putting him back. We have a 'major characters' section now…

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  • Davoo

    As you might already know, South Park's two-hundredth episode and two-hundredth-and-first episode suffered an apparently unbearable mass of controversy for their depiction of Muhammad; the prophet of the Muslim faith.

    Comedy Central heavily censored 200, hiding Muhammad behind a black "CENSORED" box. 201 was even more butchered; every mention of his name was bleeped out. Near the end of the episode, the classic speech about "what I've learned today" was entirely bleeped out; creating a minute-long, nearly-unending bleep. Trey Parker later said that wasn't even a joke on their part; the network actually did do that.

    Even worse, something that has never happened to a South Park episode has happened; they have been pulled off the air, they have…

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  • Davoo

    Taking a break

    October 2, 2010 by Davoo

    I think now is a good time to say very clearly to everyone that in October 6 2010 18:00:00 PST, I will be taking a break from the South Park Wiki and plan to come back about a week after the final episode of season 14 airs. Yes, I just know that if I keep working on this place constantly I will totally burn out eventually. And I just don't feel that it is my calling to be here when everything's all hectic and busy. I'm a night-shift person. So I'd just like to make my notice of a break very clear right now, so that I don't hit anybody's tails on the way out. Thank you.

    PS: For anyone else who wants to join me in my vacation; I made this pretty sweet template to put on your userpage.

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  • Davoo

    This is a really tough question for me to ask, I know, but I think it's still worth knowing the truth. Is this Wiki even popular? Do we know how many people read and visit this website? And what articles do they read? If not very many people read all the stuff we spend so much time creating, it would be rather bummersome, don't you think?

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  • Davoo

    Who hates Cartman more?

    September 24, 2010 by Davoo

    Kyle or Wendy?

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