How dare south park make fun of Jersey Shore.

[1]sammie sweetie is in love againAdded by Brenh92On South Park there was an episode that the part of Snooki was abruptly misstirprited into like a rat like creature and the creature was saying "SNOOKI WANTS SMOOSH SMOOSH!" which i though was wrong! The others were [2]sexy pauly imageing the babes with him a snookie aye lolz jksAdded by Brenh92made fun of like Ronnie, DJ Pauly D, Vinny, Jwoww, Sammi, Deena and also Angelina. You know Karl from South Park his mother and father was from Jersey and Karl was conceived there. So techniquely he is therefore a Jersey Shore Person. So who ever the one that made the EPISODE must pay. They are not like that. Snooki is not a rat like Angelina and maybe they should of made Angelina has the rat like it should of been like "ANGELINA WANTS SMOOSH SMOOSH" even though she is preggers in real life confirmed by MTV.

[3]sweet snookie ends up hurt because of mike what next between the both of thenAdded by Brenh92DJ Pauly D should be a rap artist and he is like the hottest one ever! He is as hot as hot glue gun. Mike is just another dummy that likes to make other people’s lives hell and including Sammi. Vinny is a hot vanilla latte that is smoking hot to drink. Jwoww I so wish she was my sister and same with [4]kisses bicthsAdded by Brenh92Snooki, Deena and Sammi. But the one who i would not have has my sister is Angelina. If you must have someone in your family those people who you would trust the most. The people who you would trust are DJ Pauly D, Vinny, Jwoww, Deena, and Sammi.

Can you please leave a comment below and tell me what your response would be if it were “ANGELINA WANTS SMOOSH SMOOSH or SNOOKI WANTS SMOOSH SMOOSH" and also leave a quote with it. Choose from those and choose wisely. But make sure you have a real good think about it. Ok, thanks for taking the time to read this article about Jersey Shore Spoof on South Park!

If you want to contact me about the matter!

my email is if you have any problems with this. Jersey Shore is a good show and how dare south park make fun of it.

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