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Discounting Insecurity, being for me one of the best episodes of South Park full stop, I would say that this was definitely the best episode this season. The only annoying thing for me was Randy, I think that he wasn't actually doing anything that threatening and it just frustrated me that they didn't just walk out on him, I don't know how they could have done but maybe just make him seem more sinister than pathetic. I know he is in many ways supposed to be pathetic but still. Other than this, it was a well thought episode and it was simply more amusing than many others this run or even this whole season. I would still say that "Sarcastaball" was this season's "Funnybot" in a lot of ways and this episode far surpassed it, compared to all the other episodes which seemed to only be slightly better each time, again discounting Insecurity. I would say that it would have made more sense to release this on Halloween with its Halloween themes like trick or treating etc but I guess we should see what they do next. A very surreal episode is what we need on Halloween, like Fantastic Easter Special.

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