You probably all saw this coming. I am officially retiring today. I don't know if I will fully come back or not but it certainly isn't working for me at the moment. It certainly isn't fair to claim that I am active, I have also had long enough gaps between editing to pretty much already be retired.

This is not because of any individual or the wiki but down to personal problems such as agitation and other commitments such as getting a new job (or two).

I am digging myself out of a rut, getting out of a painful and frustrating situation into hopefully a much better, relaxed one.

I will watch the wiki with interest and from time to time may contribute or revert vandalism, however I do not want to fell committed so it is safer to just say I am retiring.

Thanks all and I hope to see the wiki continue to evolve and expand. There is much to do as there always is, but that is a good thing as that is what we are here for.

[The] Cryptar (talk) 08:29, November 18, 2012 (UTC)

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