This is nothing to do with South Park but some may be interested in this. Today I visited the Isle of Wight and went to Amazon World Zoo. This involved around five hours total estimate travelling in that I was at the Isle of Wight around five hours after leaving.

I was surprised to see in one section that some of the birds were fed with assorted pieces of chicks. Some that I neglected to find the names of looked exactly like a bird of prey, a hawk or something, but with long legs like a flamingo.

There were also some other bizarre creatures that were hard to believe were real, which sort of looked like a dinosaur; they were sort of turtles with long necks camouflaged and shaped like logs. I hadn't seen anything like it. They are classed as a turtle and are called mata matas.

I was also surprised at the Lemur Walk, it surpassed my expectations greatly. There were two red lemurs (specifically red ruffed lemurs, I believe) that were contempt to stay up in their trees and watch at a distance, though one sat on a distant post a lot of the time. However, there were approximately five ring-tailed lemurs in their enclosure that would grip the cage to the left of the path and as visitors walked past they would jump onto and clamber over them. This was definitely the main attraction, I ended up with three of them on me at once. Apparently they are more likely to jump on you if you are tall. One sort of gripped my ear as it sat on my rucksack. Later another grabbed my glasses off my face. Luckily they were swiftly rescued and put away. These lemurs have been known to go into people's bags and steal other things like food, earphones or a mobile phone. The time they stole the phone it was eventually retrieved but with the earphones they apparently went right up a tree with them and chewed them to bits.

One would think that Lemurs would claw at you but they were actually soft and gentle, very much used to visitors. They will play fight right on your back. One of them went across three of our shoulders like a ladder. It was an amazing experience and I said that I did not imagine that I would ever find myself with a lemur on my shoulder, let alone three clambering over me at once. Its a good job I kept my rucksack on and closed or I wouldn't have managed three so easily in that it created a platform for them but it did not mean a ruined bag.

I have been to Monkey World a few times where there is a Lemur Walk but they stay out of sight there, right up the trees. In that case it is literally more of a walk than getting to see the lemurs. Therefore this zoo was very good and pleasantly surprising, there were not many creatures hiding away in general though for the ones that were I accept that cannot be helped. Though it was a bit sad that they had a whole big room with a walkway for all sorts of different Armadillo but none were out. Ocelots were also a thing I was hoping to see, though due to weather and presumably time of year I was not getting my hopes up and there were none out when I was there.

However, this was an overall phenomenal experience, despite fairly poor weather. A definite recommendation to anyone wanting to visit the Isle of Wight.

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