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If you ask me, the celebrities that were seen to die in previous episodes that appeared in 200/201 are neither dead or possibly deceased in the world of South Park because they have been seen to be alive and well, you don't say that Kenny is deceased or possibly deceased because we have seen him alive and well. I know that we have had an explanation as to how he cannot die and stay dead but even before that you would not put deceased/possibly deceased. Therefore, it is in my opinion that neither categories apply to any celebrities that appeared in these episodes.

I'm not sure about ones that are dead in real life (all the ones that appeared in dead celebrities, e.g. Michael Jackson, Billy Mays etc.) because they are shown to be alive and well in South Park after being declared dead, then again they ARE dead.

The issue is that it is hard to tell because we have had no explanation as to how they have come to earth - it could be like South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut where they have emerged from Hell or something.

However, with no explanation we cannot say either way, maybe there should be a new category for the undefined fate of a character, like "Characters with unsure continuity status" or something.

>>Update - Thank you for your time. This category has been created in the form "Category:Characters with uncertain continuity status|Characters with uncertain continuity status". Please use this blog to understand when to use and as an explination of the category<<

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