I am a new member of this wikia and want to share my creativity with everyone else! He are some of my episode ideas.

The Truth of Online Games (Part 1 of 3)

The students at South Park Elementary start playing the online game ROBLOX ( and get addicted very quickly. Cartman finds a hack for 100,000 robux but refuses to tell the other kids. Later, in the computer lab, the real personalitys of the ROBLOX admins hold the students hostage and demand to know who found the hack. Cartman makes Kenny take the blame and Kenny is sucked into the internet and is a hostage at the ROBLOX HQ with other internet users who also found out major hacks (Mark the home schooled kid, Damien and Bradley from "Cartman Sucks"). John Sheldsky (The man who is "Telamon") explains to Kenny and the other kids that hacking robux and tix from the ROBLOX system actually takes away real money from the company. Kenny trys to explain the he never hacked but John can't understand a word he saying and gets fed up and kills him.

The Truth of Online Games (Part 2 of 3)

Stan is playing ROBLOX and finds out the most popular place at the moment was "Who killed Kenny? Obby". It had 3,827 people online and over 4 million visits. Stan plays the place and finds out who killed Kenny: Telamon. Coon and friends (Including The Coon and Professor Chaios) go into the ROBLOX system and go to rescue the other kids, but they go the wrong way and end up in Club Penguin ( and are held hostage by the penguins. They try to escape but Herbet the polar bear grabs Mint-Berry Crunch by the neck, throws him down to the ground and claws him up. Toolshed says "Omg they pwned Mintberrycrunch1234 (Bradley's "user name") " and The Human Kite replied "You noobs!". The Coon says "You guys, I got gravity coils and bat swords for all you noobs.". He gives one to everyone of them except for The Human Kite because "Jews can't kill Penguins and Polar bears". The defeat all the penguins but Sensi, the master of Card-Jitsu. Professor Chaios admits to playing Club Penguin and is a Water and Fire ninja. He challenges Sensei to a battle and if he wins, he and his friends can go, but if he loses, Coon and friends will be Sensei's slaves.

The Truth of Online Games (Part 3 of 3)

Professor Chaios wins the battle against Sensei and Coon and Friends finally arrive in ROBLOX. They can't find the "Who killed Kenny? Obby" and wind up at a zombie killing place. All of the Coon and Friends become zombies except for Tupperware. Tupperware grabs a sniper and kills all of the survivors so they can start a new round, but Tupperware will have to kill one more survivor: Telamon. Kenny uses his immortal powers to come back to life and kills Telamon. They start a new round and go home in peace, until they are under attack by Habbo. Cartman says "Awwww not fucking Habbo" and Stan says "Yea, that game is so retarded and gay". Habbo admits to being gay so they can get other kids to be gay and like their game. The episode ends with Butters, with red eyes, playing Habbo.

Ruined by the Bruins

The boys are watching Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals (So they can make fun of it) between the Vancouver Canucks and Boston Bruins. The Bruins win 4-0 (like in the actual game) and the Canucks fans are outraged and start riots in the streets (Yes, they are canadians and yes this is also based of the riots that happened last night). Ike is outraged aswell and lights Kyle's dad's car on fire and trys to flip it over. The riots in Vancouver soon spread down to Colorado and they then take the Avalanche hostage, as well as the 28 other NHL teams. Sidney Crosby (Can't believe South Park has ripped on him yet) bursts into tears because he is protrayed like a crybaby in reality. Soon, half the world is trapped in the Vancouver riots. Its up to the boys to stop the Canucks fans from taking over the world. Kenny uses his "Spin Blossom Nut Squash" (from "The Return Of Chef) to knock down one of the head Canuck fans but that still doesn't stop them. The other NHL players then realise (After the boys tell them) that the Canucks and their fans are just big fat pussys and they soon grab the sticks and beet the shit out of the team and their fans, aswell as Sidney Crosby and Rebecca Black. The boys then go home in peace, until the Oilers fans rage because they were 30th in the league, but they just sacrfice Butters and everything goes back to normal.

You're Getting Old (Part 2)

I think there is going to be a episode with the same title but this is what I think the plot is going to be. Stan trys to get help from his disease but can't understand a single thing the doctor is saying. By now, every single thing Stan sees, even his own reflection, is Shit. Meanwhile, Sharon and Roy get back together and Randy starts a new career, as a tween singer. After a while, Stan starts to see things less shitty. I will finish this episode later.

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