• Buttersforpresident2012

    I am a new member of this wikia and want to share my creativity with everyone else! He are some of my episode ideas.

    The students at South Park Elementary start playing the online game ROBLOX ( and get addicted very quickly. Cartman finds a hack for 100,000 robux but refuses to tell the other kids. Later, in the computer lab, the real personalitys of the ROBLOX admins hold the students hostage and demand to know who found the hack. Cartman makes Kenny take the blame and Kenny is sucked into the internet and is a hostage at the ROBLOX HQ with other internet users who also found out major hacks (Mark the home schooled kid, Damien and Bradley from "Cartman Sucks"). John Sheldsky (The man who is "Telamon") explains to Kenny and t…

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