• Audras

    Okay you guys at south park, if you are not taking advantage of the hilarious real news going on in the world right now (ex. "pandemic";per APnews; potenial swine flu),then your nuts(not peanuts because they have salmonella). I love your show and think it's great to spoof world events and people, but when the news starts sounding like an episode of southpark, the world has truely gone insane. I would definatly work quick to write this episode out and call it "Babe's revenge". The main theme would be that those soul sucking fruities at P.E.T.A. are planning a globalized conspiracy with the Bird Flu, Mad Cow Disease, and the Swine Flu to turn everyone into vegitarians. I think it sounds plausible. Don't you? Audra a.k.a."Embarrassment to my…

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