Soon wikia will introduce the Achievements system, where registered users will earn points and badges for performing certain tasks on a wiki. The points earned will replace the large editcount in the top-right corner of the screen (the editcount will still be visible next to username above the "My Home" tab). When it's introduced a community can ask for it to be implemented on their wiki through Special:Contact, it will not be mandatory so if we choose not to use it then we will not be forced to.


There are three types of badges that can be earned; bronze badges which are are worth 10 points, silver badges which are are worth 50 points and gold badges which are worths 100 points (There are also platinum badges, but I'm not sure how they work yet). The badges can be customized to fit the wiki's content, so we can make them South Park themed. Badge desctiptions can be canged through MediaWiki [1], images will probably have to be uploaded to a specific file name.


A beta version of the system is already being tested on a couple of wikis; Sonny With a Chance wiki, Vampire Diaries wiki, Iron Man wiki and Red Dead wiki. (Go to your userpage on any of those wikis and you will earn your first achievement, also try editing to see if you like them or not.)

Some problems might arise due to achievement boosting (i.e. making useless edits to get achievements). Those users will be warned and then blocked if they persist.

So what are your opinions. Should we use the Achievements system on the South Park Archives or should we leave it as it is?

Create a new Edit track

You can create a new set of badges that reward users for editing pages in a particular category, to highlight a particular area of the site that users would enjoy working on. You can set up more than one category track, so try choosing two categories that would help users show off their specialty! Ignite a rivalry between the users who edit Vampires pages and the users who edit Werewolves pages, or Wizards and Muggles, or Autobots and Decepticons. To create a new "Edit in category" track, type the name of the category in the field below. The regular Edit track will still exist; this will create a separate track that you can customize separately. When the track is created, the new badges will appear in the list on the left, under the regular Edit track. Customize the names and images for the new track, so that users can see the difference! Once you have done the customization, click the "enabled" checkbox to turn on the new track, and then click "Save changes". Users will see the new track appear on their user profiles, and they will start earning badges when they edit pages in that category. You can also disable the track later, if you decide you do not want to highlight that category anymore. Users who have earned badges in that track will always keep their badges, even if the track is disabled. This can help to bring another level of fun to the achievements. Try it out!


I was thinking about creating a new edit track for the Characters and Episodes (needs to be crated) categories, but those categories need to be added to the proper articles first, if I were to add them by myself that would give me a couple of unfairly gained achievements, so instead I think I will use my bot to do it, but I need to set it up first, so it might take a while, a long while.

Another thing is that the Characters category doesn't actually belong on any of the character articles, instead they should be categorized under character sub-categories (i.e, Main Characters, Minor characters, School children etc.), so we would need to make them "hidden".

See also

Spring 2010 Update


The achievement system has been rolled out almost a week ago, and lots of wikis are reporting an increase in activity but also many more useless edits done by "achievement boosters".

You can learn more about the new system from Sarah Manley's blog and by reading this help page.

I'm going to start a new Community Discussion topic to decide if we should use this feature.

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