South Park Archives has been doing really good lately, our sister sites however need a lot of work.

If you speak any of the languages listed below, you might want to check out the links.

Language Admins Articles
Spanish 2 bureaucrats active on other wikis 68
Italian No active bureaucrats/admins 67
German Bureaucrat active on another wiki 22
Polish No active bureaucrats/admins. 14
Swedish No active bureaucrats/admins 9
Dutch Active bureaucrat 7
Russian Active bureaucrat 3
Hungarian No active bureaucrats/admins 3
French Active bureaucrat 2
Turkish No active bureaucrats/admins 1
Czech No active bureaucrats/admins 1

  • All of those are practically inactive, and some have less then 20 articles
  • If you decide to help out, here's what you should do:
    • Create a "List of Characters" page with links, so when new people come, they can create articles from that list.
    • Create a "List of Episodes"
    • Create as many well written articles as you can.
      • If you are having a hard time writing stuff yourself, then you can just translate parts of articles from here. But try to write as much stuff as you can yourself.
    • After you make a bunch of edits on that wiki, then you should adopting adopt the wiki (i.e. become an admin).
      • To adopt a wiki, you'll have to post an adoption request. On the Community Central, or ask a current bureaucrat (if he/she is active on another wiki).

If anybody finds another South Park wiki that is not covered above, please add a link in the comments, so we can get someone to help that wiki.

I have requested Interwiki links be made between all those sites so we can link them better, which will increase traffic. I'm still waiting for the request to go through, you can check the progress here.

I hope we can find a couple of good people to help those failing wikis :)

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