During the second half of season 14 we reached a couple of major milestones;

  • This wiki now has more than 2000 articles. Mainly thanks to Neocarleen's work on episode articles.
  • Traffic report - The "Superhero episode arc" has brought us more visitors then ever. During the last month over 1.2 million pages were viewed by 113 thousand people.[1]
  • 12/01/2010 - It looks like wikia is testing some changes to the 'Oasis' skin. Let's hope this is permanent. More info here. (The changes will not be visible to everybody)
    • The skin is now wider.
    • They removed the annoying 'wikia bar' from the top of the pages.
    • The side bar visible on all the articles is gone.
    • Blog comments don't work properly during this time.


Should this wiki cover all the other stuff Matt and Trey have created? Or should the contend only be limited to South Park stuff?


  1. - Traffic report for South Park Archives

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