I knew there would be chaos after implementing the achievement system, it's not as bad as on other wikis but it's still visible. As with other wikis, things will go back to normal after a while. I've been editing with achievements since June so believe me, the temptation to get as many achievements as possible diminishes after a while.


Adding categories is the easiest way to get achievements, since you will get points from both the edit track and the categories track. And coming up with new categories is really easy. The problem is that the articles are now flooded with a bunch of useless categories.

List of categories that we don't really need (or do we?)

This is just my opinion, some of those categories are more reasonable then others but in my eyes they're mostly clutter, if you disagree please post a comment.


If you haven't done so by now then please read this. Remember that too many frivolous edits may get you blocked, just ask NIG3L.

Please don't let this little blog ruin the fun, go out there and edit everything you see, as long as your edits are done in good faith then you'll be fine. Have fun :)

Another thing

I've set up two new edit tracks, the "characters edit track" and "episodes edit track". That means that you'll get extra badges for editing articles that belong in the Characters and Episodes categories, but I'll wait until things settle down before enabling them.

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