I am a total fanatic of Glee, so I suggest that the makers of South Park do a parody of Glee. :D

Starting from Monday, South Park Elementary School has an official glee club. But it doesn't go off as brilliantly as planned by the principal; but soon finds a few children that joins - the misfits:

  • Roberta - the geeky girl, but with a fantastic voice from practice her whole life.
  • Mel J - one of the very few African-American girls whose life revolves around looks.
  • Colby - unpopular for his sexuality, but happy about his fashionista personality.
  • Makita-Tin - one of the few Asian-Americans, and she incredibly shy about her talents.
  • Amrod - a disabled boy who is sometimes pushed out of his chair because he cannot walk.

Feeling sorry, Wendy and Bebe sign up for glee too, and get in. After persuasion from the girls, the boys join also; but after a drop in their popularity, they almost quit the club. They do quit, except Stan (who only stays for Wendy's sake), who stays to help the club come up.

Stan notices that the most popular girl ever in the school, Queeny, tries getting him to quit by saying she loves him - which is a lie - and succeeds. When Wendy sees him again, she breaks up with him for falling in love with someone else. This leaves Stan heartbroken and still unpopular.

The next day, Queeny tries talking to him again - aware that Wendy is giving her an evil stare from behind - but he doesn't listen to her. When she notices him coming towards her, she turns around to ignore him; but soon sees him resigning for glee.

That afternoon, much to Wendy's anger, she stays behind to study and hears Queeny and her 'minions' Beaut and Sanier audition for glee - and is accepted in.

The next day, Stan sees Wendy quitting glee. She tells him since the 'cute hussy' joined, she never wants anything to do with the club, and persuades him to do the same.

Within a week, it was the misfits and Bebe left in the club. At the time of Sectionals, luckily, the club has enough members to compete. That day, Stan and Wendy come to help (and ruin Queeny and her friends) with the club and help Bebe.

At the competition, they sing 'Another One Bites The Dust' by Queen and 'Teenage Dream' by Katy Perry quite poorly. In the break after the other acts - North Colorado's Kidd's Kamp and Lake Shimp's MuzicMakerz - the club start doubting about their talents. Wendy overhear the judges talking about them - which she likes - but soon starts thinking those 'extra kiddies' they brought were cheating. Wendy bursts through the door and starts attacking one of the judges, Missy Goddly.

After the break, the other two judges come onstage with the clubs to announce the winner. They say the runner-up was Kidd's Kamp, and the winner was...

The card said MuzicMakerz, but Wendy - backstage - does the gonna-slit-your-throat gesture threatning, and they start worrying and announce South Park the winners.

Backstage, Stan asks Wendy why she's covered in blood, which she answers: 'Don't f*** with Wendy Testerburger!'

All in favour: AnimeTomboy1998,

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