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    My Idea 1: Glee Ep

    December 22, 2010 by AnimeTomboy1998

    I am a total fanatic of Glee, so I suggest that the makers of South Park do a parody of Glee. :D

    Starting from Monday, South Park Elementary School has an official glee club. But it doesn't go off as brilliantly as planned by the principal; but soon finds a few children that joins - the misfits:

    • Roberta - the geeky girl, but with a fantastic voice from practice her whole life.
    • Mel J - one of the very few African-American girls whose life revolves around looks.
    • Colby - unpopular for his sexuality, but happy about his fashionista personality.
    • Makita-Tin - one of the few Asian-Americans, and she incredibly shy about her talents.
    • Amrod - a disabled boy who is sometimes pushed out of his chair because he cannot walk.

    Feeling sorry, Wendy and Bebe sign…

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