Here is an idea of my own episode of SouthPark ;)

Spring of Madness

End of the 3rd quarter in elementary school, and everyone is about to have a spring break. Cartman tells his friends (Stan and Kyle) about how tired he is of being in town all the time and his desire to spend spring break somewhere outside of South Park. Meanwhile, Kyle has a girlfriend named Liz who lives in Memphis, Tennessee and contacts him through skype. Cartman discovers it and views it as a chance to go somewhere. He urges Kyle, Stan, and Kenny to spend spring break on the road to Tennessee so that Kyle could finally meet his love. Kyle explains to Cartman that it is unnecessary and he's not ready to meet Liz. Cartman does not will to listen.

When Stan asks about how would they get to Tennessee, Cartman tells to his friends that he knows a guy named Freddy who works in a local barber shop. When the boys got to the barber shop, they realized that Freddy is an overweight, Jabba the Hutt-looking, blind employer from Burger King who was fired after eating too many hamburgers. Cartman asks Freddy about making a fake driving license for him, but Stan begins to argue by telling to make four fake driving license cards because they would all drive (not only Cartman). Cartman then tells that their company is too small and they need another member to fill their crew. They choose Butters, seeing him playing around his yard singing apple song.

Cartman gives fake notes to Stan, Kyle, and Butters so their parents would 'know' where they would be. Kenny did not get one because Cartman is sure that his parents are alcoholics who do not give a damn about their son. Stan gets a note that says he will travel to Ohio to participate in a grammar rodeo. Kyle gets one wich says he will spend his spring break in the ices of Arctic. Kyle gets angered, but Cartman keeps ignoring him. When asking about his own, he tells that he invited his mother to an upcoming porn festival in Las Vegas. Butters reads that he's about to work in aquarium in Denver.

Their final problem now is transportation. Kenny's crazy decision is to steal one of the school buses, being sure that noone would ever notice. Before leaving the town, Cartman stops over Craig's house to see his reaction. Stan tells Cartman that it is not necessary, but Cartman complains that it is always cool to see the reaction of Craig and the way he will be angered about it. Craig, Clyde, and Token saw Cartman warning about an upcoming road trip, but their reaction was zero. Yet, Cartman believes that he angered Craig and his fellows.

When the night came, boys stays in a cheap motel somewhere in the middle of Kansas. In the morning, they leave the motel, complaining about the way it sucked! They moves out to continue their trip, but suddenly they runs out of gas and soon realize they spent all their money on food and motel.

Meanwhile, Stephen Stotch decides to call his son, Butters, to find out how he is. He calls what is assumed to be an aquarium, and here is a dialogue:

Dude: Hi! How can I help you?

Mr. Stotch: Hi! I'm Stephen Stotch. Is this Aquanarium?

Dude: Yes, welcome to Aquanarium. What can I do for you?

Mr. Stotch: I would like to know how is Butters doing.

Dude: OK, hold on. [talks to a manager] Well, Butters is ok.

Mr. Stotch: Good. May I talk to him.

Dude: To whom?!?

Mr. Stotch: Butters.

Dude: You wanna buy a butter.

Mr. Stotch: No, what do you mean by saying 'buy'? I said I need to talk.

Dude: To whom?!?

Mr. Stotch: Butters.

Dude: Talk to our manager?

Mr. Stotch: No dammit! [angry] I said I need Butters, hear me asshole????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Manager: Billy, are you playing with your phone again?

Billy: No, Mr. James. AN nagry man is calling. He's looking for a piece of butter to buy.

Mr. James: Let me talk to him. Go back to work, dumbass!

Mr. Stotch: Hello, Butters.

Mr. James: My name is Kevin Rudd James. I am a manger of an Aquanarium. Unfortunately for now, we don't have enough buter for you.

Mr. Stotch: Fine, Calvin rude Helms. I need to talk to my son. His full name is Leopold "Butters" Stotch. He is supposed to work in your place right now.

K.R. James: Who?? [confused] We don't have anyone with such name. This is a sea food reastaurant called "Aquanarium". We're at Madupss, Louisianna.

The boys find a ranch that belongs to an old Southern family. Bobby seem hospitable, but then they tell boys to stay in their house while they're going on the meeting. Kenny went upstairs to find some money, but in the closet he finds a various material and discover that these people are the members of the Ku Klux Klan. The stuff he finds included:

  • White KKK suit
  • a cowboy hat
  • an old photo album with pictures of blacks and Mexicans being lynched
  • a lynching rope

He briefly runs downstairs to warn his friends about possible dangers they may face, and they go through the forest to check. They realize that Kenny was right as they see how KKK members are about to lynch an illegal immigrant from Mexico. They runaway, but suddenly they meet Bobby wearing a klan suit. They are forced to take these suits on. Kyle soon realizes that he lost his Magen David necklace. One of a klansmen finds it and they all chase the boys down the hill.

Kyle begins to blame Cartman for this idiotic idea to escape. They accidentally meet Craig and his friends ridding a school bus. Here is a dialogue:

Craig: [opens his bus door window] Ohh, look who's here. Do I see five escapees from Guantanomo Bay in front of my eyes [smiling]?

Cartman: [surprised by seeing them] Hey, how did you get here? Where did you get the school bus, the license, everything else that's recquired? [Lost in mind]

Token: [shows up with sun glasses] we asked the guy named Freddy to make special fake driver license for us. Then we wrote fake notes to our parents so that they would not worry about us.

Clyde: then we stole the school bus, hoping that noone will notice.

Stan: Craig, you must help us. Let us in your bus.

Craig: not so fast, losers. You laughed at us and now you pays back.

Stan: Hey, [angered] you can't just leave us here. We can work it out!

Token: Why would we need you, if we got them [girls in bikinis show up with Scott Malkinson]

Stan, Kyle, Kenny Cartman, and Butters (all five): Scott Malkinson!!!!!????

Then they drove away, leaving them alone.

Meanwhile, Stephen and Linda Stotches break into the motel their son stayed in for a night and begin to question the clerk at the motel. Clerk says he know nothing about what Stephen talks about. Stephen begins to beat him up, and the clerk says he saw them. They leave.

Kyle is angry and about to kill Cartman for what he has done. Suddenly, they see the railroad and take a nearest train.

Now that they are in Memphis, they visit a local post office so that Kyle could check whether letters he was sending were being rceived by Liz. Suddenly, Butters' parents, Stephen and Linda Stotch, come there and threat Butters that they would ground him because he lied to them about leaving home to work in Denver Aquinarium. Police comes in and arrests Mr. Stotch before he could abuse Butters. Butters takes fire extinguisher and shoots at his father with it. Kyle finally meets Liz. Everyone is happy.

The End.