Here are some questions i would like you to answer

#How many times did Kenny die?
  1. How many episodes contain Kenny's funeral?
  2. Why is Cartman so fat?
  3. What is Jimmy's father's occupation?
  4. What is Stephen Stotch's first appearance (not major)?
  5. What color is Craig's hair?
  6. What is Butters' first speaking role?
  7. Where did Chef originally come from?
  8. Ms. Crabtee was killed in what season?
  9. Besides Damien, in what episodes did he also appear?
  10. How many times did Wendy win the hallowe'en dress contest?
  11. How many Christmas shots was aired?
  12. How did Saddam Hussein die?
  13. Who voiced Towelie?
  14. What is the first Trey Parker's job?
  15. Who is the author of the "Love is a Battlefield" song?
  16. Who is Cartman's prototype?
  17. "Testaburger" means what?
  18. Where and what is the reminder of Kenny's death in "The List"?
  19. In what year did South Park start to exist?

Wrtie answers below

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