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If I will be elected for administrator, what will happen?

I've just notice that someone post a request forme to become an administrator. If anyone want me to become your administrator, here is my plan for this site:

When you elect me, I will make this site look better and more comfortable for every contributor. I will introduce new rules -- rules that will keep South Park Archives from being vandalized by SP haters. I will introduce some fun stuff, such as quizes on how well each of you knows South Park. I will allow everyone post what they want on their blogs -- new ideas, thoughts about the next season, anything you want. But, only blogging and not on official pages. I will not allow anyone to write your own ideas and put them on the same category as already existing episodes. Unless it is posted on blog. I will block anyone who spams. Also, I will limit any links unless they're checked. If there's anything else that you would like me to do for you, just let me now.

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