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  • Aguziel

    Season 20 - My Thoughts

    November 26, 2016 by Aguziel

    This current season has been my all time least favorite season. There are no redeeming qualities of the past eight episodes and I do not anticipate the final two being any better.

    Season 19 was bad and season 20 has been the worst so far. The plot of Garrison as President is ill conceived for the fact that a major character is lost to running the USA in future seasons in place of a perfectly funny real Donald Trump. The internet trolls plot-line is going nowhere and it is not interesting nor does it do a good job of satirizing the real life bullies of the internet. The Member berries has the familiar left field humor of past characters such as Towlie but is not as well executed as Towlie.

    There is no substance to these member berries besides…

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  • Aguziel

    I apologize everyone, I screwed up the featured article page by not tagging it correctly. This means there will be no article for April until this is sorted out. I changed the tag from non-article, which was why the edit button no longer appears, to context-link, which hopefully will automatically reset it for editing at a later date. Soory.

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  • Aguziel

    April Stewart posted this on her twitter

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  • Aguziel

    Personal Opinions

    January 5, 2016 by Aguziel

    I am seeing a lot of editors inserting their personal opinions on the series into articles. This wiki is moving away from facts and into some kind of lame creative writing assignment. I would like to more editors to refrain from using words "however", "meanwhile", or any personal feelings about characters or situations. Just explain the facts please. Thank you

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  • Aguziel

    Wiki Re-design

    December 16, 2015 by Aguziel

    I would like to update this wiki in three departments.

    1. Articles, mostly characters, re-written and simplified.
    2. Updated images in episode galleries.
    3. Templates updated and new color designs.

    Need some wiki expertise.

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