Hi there. Today we are going to discuss fanon, and where it belongs. Fanon is unofficial relationships, ideas, etc. about the show. There is a specific wiki for this, the South Park Fanon wiki. Anything non-canonical should go there. South Park Archives is reserved for factual information that can be proved from canon. Some degree of inference is allowed, for example, "Wendy Testaburger is seen with the popular girls, so she must be popular.", would be a good inference, however, something like, "Cartman and Kyle only act towards each other like that to hide the fact that they're in love.", is not a good inference, in fact, it is quite disturbing. Anything like that will not be tolerated here on South Park Archives, and repeated posting of such information will result in a ban. Have a nice day, SPA Users!

P.S. Cryptar has brought fanon images to my attention as well, they are fanon and will not be tolerated on the wiki. Being that some images are so well done they can fool users into thinking they're legitimate, please look over the image closely before posting. Repeated posting of fanon images will result in a ban.

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