The first thing that happens is the boys (Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman) see flyers from Microsoft and Sony(who are now working together)  that has a contest were four winners can win a PSXbox. The first part of the game are the boys getting the tickets. Eventually, they win a PSXbox. The go to Sony/Microsoft offices and are told by Scott Tenorman, Christopher Reeve, Tom Cruise, and Mel Gibson that it was all a houx to bring them there and get revenge. The boys get pushed into a portal that leads to Video Game Land (a place that combines every video game ever made) and have to battle the following bosses...

  • Daffy Duck (who represents Mel Gibson)
  • Sweet Tooth from "Twisted Metal" (who represents Tom Cruise)
  • Superman (who represents Christopher Reeve)
  • The Joker from "Arkham City" (who represents Scott Tenorman)

When the boys return to the real world, they see see Scott Tenorman, Christopher Reeve, Tom Cruise, and Mel Gibson knocked out (which means they must have really been fighting them in the video game world). The boys call the cops and have them arrested were they are taken to a mental asylum.

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