• Adamwestfan523

    The first thing that happens is the boys (Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman) see flyers from Microsoft and Sony(who are now working together)  that has a contest were four winners can win a PSXbox. The first part of the game are the boys getting the tickets. Eventually, they win a PSXbox. The go to Sony/Microsoft offices and are told by Scott Tenorman, Christopher Reeve, Tom Cruise, and Mel Gibson that it was all a houx to bring them there and get revenge. The boys get pushed into a portal that leads to Video Game Land (a place that combines every video game ever made) and have to battle the following bosses...

    • Daffy Duck (who represents Mel Gibson)
    • Sweet Tooth from "Twisted Metal" (who represents Tom Cruise)
    • Superman (who represents Christopher…
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