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  • AMBC

    Hello. This blog is about characters that fans want to see on the show again, whether it's one-off characters or characters that were reduced to minor characters during the series progression. Make sure to say it in a comment.

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  • AMBC

    AMBC episode idea part 2

    April 16, 2012 by AMBC

    Synopsis: There's a killer on the loose, as the citizens of South Park gather at Tom Cruise's mansion for a night of mystery and murder. Will the boys solve the mystery and discover the identity of the killer before everyone is killed...or will the adults make it worse, like they always do?

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  • AMBC

    AMBC episode idea

    April 14, 2012 by AMBC

    Synopsis: After a freak accident, involving another of Randy's obsessive phases, Jesus Christ is struck with amnesia, causing him to not remember who he is. As a result Stan, Kyle, Kenny and surprisenly Satan must try to help Jesus regain his memory before the Vatican sues South Park for giving Jesus amnesia, but the problem is can Satan be trusted. As a subplot,Cartman and Butters try to sneak into the Vatican and kidnap the Pope in order to keep the bishops from suing their town, with humorous results. They also kill and keep a few Romans hostage in the process.

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