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Uncle Budd
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Character Information
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age Presumably in His 40s
Occupation Unknown
Religion Roman Catholic
Voiced by Trey Parker[1]
Wife Aunt Nellie
Nephew Butters Stotch
First "AWESOM-O"

Uncle Budd is Butters Stotch's uncle. He lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife, Nellie. He has only appeared in the episode "AWESOM-O" and it was a fairly brief appearance. His name was unknown until "The Return of Chef" when Butters states that he has molested him, implying he is a pedophile. He then made a cameo appearance in "Fishsticks" and "Pinewood Derby".


He has brown, curly hair and his facial hair is growing back. He has thick eyebrows and has wrinkles on his face. He wears a light blue button-up shirt over a plain white t-shirt. He wears a Los Angeles Dodgers baseball cap, which indicates that he may be a fan of the team.



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