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South Park song
Written by: Trey Parker
Performed by: The Lords of the Underworld
Shelly Marsh
Episode: "Cat Orgy"
Download: MP3

"Turds!" was played by The Lords of the Underworld and Shelly Marsh in the Season Three episode, "Cat Orgy".


Shelly Marsh claimed she could sing a better song than The Lords of the Underworld. Despite the band's protests, she is given a chance to sing with them.


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So much pain in the world today.
Too many turds are headin' my way.
But we can press our turds together.
Passing by turds whenever.

Life so full of happiness?
Feel free to mark my words.
But me and you, will my love do
in a world that's full of turds? TURDS!
llama judgin finger-lovin' turds. TURDS!

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